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  1. Hey, So I'm running a Minecraft server and it runs smooth but right when a player joins it lags for 1-3 seconds then it's completely smooth again until someone joins and it lags then unlags. Please help me out, I'm pretty sure It's a plugin issue but I have No console errors when players log in, Here is my plugin list

    Plugins (33): EconomyPunga, TTA, GroupManager, NoSpawnChunks, ClearInventory, PTweaks, NoCheatPlus, Worldedit, Warnings, Skript, VoidSpawn, JoinCommands, Vault, EmptyWorldGenerator, ViaVersion, WorldGuard, PlotSquared, UltraCosmetics, WorldMOTD, RPGItems, SkExtras, SkQuery, BuycraftX, Essentials, CTSNC, EssentialsProtect, ServerSigns, Multiverse-Core, Minigames, EssentialsChat, Minigames-Regions, Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-Inventories

    I'm not sure what the problem is from this point, Help would be great. Thank you.
  2. Could you give us the startup log, /about and the timings?
  3. I see you have a plugin called JoinCommands. Try disabling that and see what happens.
  4. Jup that looks kinda the problem :)
  5. I've tried disabling all the join commands and it still lags when players join.
  6. Here's my startup log
  7. [08:18:36] [Server thread/INFO]: JoinCommands v 4.0.0 - Do not forget to change the config.yml before using.
    Did you do that?
  8. Yes, I've customized JoinCommand's config :p
  9. I made a little checklist to help you and us trying to help you out!

    Are all your plugins up to date?
    Are all your plugins compatible with your jar file?
    Are all your plugins compatible with your jar file version?
    Is there a chunk that loads that could possibly be corrupt?
    Is the ram of your server sufficient?
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  10. Why dont you remove the plugin?
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  11. 1. Yes
    2. Not sure what you mean
    3. What Jar file version?
    4. Not that I know of, I've checked all worlds
    5. Yes. I have 2.5GB soon to be more.
  12. 2. You haven't got a plugin that doesn't work with minecraft.
    3. The version of your server etc. 1.9 or 1.10 or 1.8
    5. That isn't a great amount, could be why. What percentage is used before a player logs in?
  13. 2. Yeah all my plugins are working.

    3.My server is running on 1.8.8 Spigot but I have ViaVersion which allows 1.8/1.9/1.10

    5. There is around 270-280 Free MB then when I log in it goes down almost 80-100 free MB then goes right back up.
  14. 5 - That is really too low. I advise disabling any commands you have when a player joins and see if the lag still happens. If it does, re-enable the commands. If not, Thats your problem! Add some more ram or wait
  15. Celebrimbor


    Please send us timings report and be sure you login/logout a few times when the report is running.

    Instead of speculating, why don't we just get the data?
  16. I got some data ;)
    From what i got. That is what it sounds like. 80mb is really "scraping the barrel" in terms of ram for a server
  17. I'm sorry I worded that wrong, I meant it's 270-280 MB, then when a player joins it doesn't go down TO 80MB it takes 80MB away from 270 MB, So it goes to around 190-200 MB then goes back up.
  18. Ah, ok. Well thats a bit different then. I would still try my proposed idea. But we really do need some logs to fix your problem!
  19. Yeah, logs would be useful.
  20. Where do I find the logs? I already posted the startup log. ^^