Lag! Please help!

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by RegionFlag, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Hello, since we updated to a 1.8 version of spigot our plots world is causing so much lag when players are in the world, the world is a void world which contains 6 different plot worlds, many of which are cactus farms. The amount of Tiles loaded in the plots world when it's in use is through the roof (100k + at times). Here is a timings report I left on overnight, . I've tried changing around hopper ticks, view distances everything and the lag still happens. But we never used to have an issue before, so it's not like we suddenly need to remove our plots. We are running a 64GB Dedi, we should be more than capable of handling this, someone please help me!
  2. Tile entities now tick in 1.8, 100k tile entities will cause severe lag do to the cpu time needed to process each one. You can reduce the tick time in the spigot config file, maybe setting it to 0 will fix your issues.

    64 GB Atom server, heh heh.
  3. Do you know which setting in the config it is? Will it have any effect on my server?
  4. Someone please help, I've tweaked everything in the spigot.yml to try low viewing distance, hopper rates etc. It's still lagging at at the moment of typing this is at 12 TPS.
  5. max-tick-time reduce it to a lower value(like 10), possibly 0
  6. I set it too 0 and reduced some other settings, It's reduced it alot from the previous timings, but our TPS is still dropping below 15, here is another timings