Lag problem with redstone

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  1. Hello,
    My server currently facing some lag problem with Redstone. Mostly from Redstone torch (Pumpkin, Melon, and Sugarcane farm)

    Is there any way I could fix that?
  2. With the little information you gave me, I’d recommend you turn down the growth rate of those crops if that’s not a problem. As for general redstone, I would recommend this plugin here, you can download it for free by using the link in the description, if your server isn’t 1.12.2 (Though it really should be) swap out the version text on the url with the one that corresponds to your server version.

    If you give me more information, I can probably give you some more techniques to reduce your servers lag.
  3. Thank you but from what I've seen the lag mostly come from torch and piston, idk if that works with the plugin
  4. I'm not sure it will actually. I suggest a more aggressive stance. Find the lag-causing machine and remove or saboutage them. You can do this automatically (with React, LagAssist, or any other simmilar plugin), or by going there and manually breaking key components.

    Make sure players have efficient farms, and if not, make it harder for them to have a unefficient one.

    If you can, please send us a Timings report. Thanks
  5. The plugin will help but only minimally, if you really want to solve the issue you can use third party tools that can display chunk updates across a world, I don't remember any off the top of my head but I'll get back to it soon.
  6. There are multiple things you can do:

    1. BAN redstone alltoghether
    You should do this if you see that nothing is working or that people are abusing it (unless you are a redstone centered server)
    2. Use plugins
    If you don't want to ban redstone, I will try my best to explain as quickly as possible what your options are, but to do that, we have to understand what is causing the lag itself.
    Lighting updates: This is the main cause for lag. It can be fixed with the plugins I will link below. The blocks that cause this are torches (redstone),
    lamps, and any object that has toggleable light.
    Piston moves: The more the worse

    Here are a few plugins that might help you:

    PandaWire (reduces block updates while keeping the same redstone algorithm (more or less))
    LaggRemoverPlus (LRP) is a very good chunk unloader
    And a very classic ClearLagg

    Install PandaWire and one of the last 2 plugins. If you are still having issues you should consider buying a new server or upgrade your current one.
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  7. The server should be configured to unload chunks itself. Don't use a plugin for that.

    Also, clearlagg is pretty uses if you already use paper and you have configured it correctly.