Lag Problem.

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  1. It says, that is at 35% of the cpu capacity, but looks like it has small server-freeze lags.

    You can:
    Stop giving /speed fly <x> commands to your players, or change the config of the plugins if you dont need it (worldguard movement check for example.)

    Edit: Im busy, i will not share anymore information regarding this matter.
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  2. No :/

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    It did not work.
  3. Have you tried ClearLagg ?
    You can also boost the performance by changing some settings that may reduce the lag without effecting the gameplay a lot, just give them a try ;)
    Reducing Lag Wiki Page.

    If these ways haven't helped you, then tell me: Are you running the server on your own computer, or via a server hosting service?
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    Please don't suggest clearlagg. Virtually every feature in that plugin, beyond a few utility commands, is already built into the server in a more performant way, and in a manner that doesn't affect players ability to actually play on the server.

    Timings indicate that overall the performance of your server is fine, only issues are WorldGuard and PlotMe having a few instances where they've taken a bit of time to process something, which due to the nature of these plugins is somewhat expected at times depending on your servers load.
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  5. @electronicboy, ClearLagg contains too many features that helps the server owner in reducing lag, some are already present in Spigot, and others are'nt; like halting the server activity temporary to reduce lag quickly, freeing up memory using Garbage Collector, locating, teleporting and unloading laggy chunks manually and viewing the server's TPS in one command. It also has some configurable features that aren't built-in Spigot like limiting mob spawners, removing old log files and clearing unnecessary entities automatically...

    I also suggested the classic way in reducing lag (using the built-in omptimisations) in additon to ClearLagg. ;)
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    teleporting to "laggy" chunks is a utility feature, which I agree with. (However, "laggy" and actually laggy are two different situations, all it does is TP you to chunks with the most entities/TEs, which might not actually be the cause).

    Beyond that, all other features are an attempt to work around issues that can be fixed by not being lazy and configuring your server properly.
    Freeing ram is also another stupid mechanic which is an artifact of people not understanding how GC actually works, if free ram is an issue (which, in most cases isn't and is in general a complete misunderstanding of how memory in java actually works), it generally means that your GC is either not tuned properly, or you don't have enough free ram.

    Clearing "unnecessary entities" is stupid, the server features a mechanic that deactivates entities out of range, meaning that they cause virtually no lag whatsoever, dropped entity despawn can be configured in a way that means that you can actively reduce lag over time instead of just zapping them at a specific time. (and the server even automatically removes most entities when you move out of a specific range, leaving only entities that most people care about finding again, such as cows, and once again, entity activation range cancels out any negative impact of those)

    Mob spawners already limit themselves to having a maximum of 6 entities within their spawn range, so is, in general, a non-issue, and there are many plugins for this which don't do stupid operations overall.
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  7. @electronicboy, do you mean that ClearLagg isn't effective at all? (Thanks for correcting my wrong informations)
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    If you configure your server properly, it's pretty much useless. The only time you'll ever see any performance boost when using such a plugin is when you're using it to work-around the actual process of configuring your server properly.
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