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  1. i have a server with 500-700 players,sometimes my all server's tps drops 5 or 10 but sometimes when i have 650 players there is no lag.i wasnt have this problem 3-4 days ago but now i have this problem.Why this can be happen? mysql server makes lag?

    OS:centos 6.4 x64 bit
    bungeecord version 598
    spigot version 1049

    32 gb ram xeon e3 processor ssd disk

    My flags with rtoolkit;

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    Could you give us a set of timings to analyse?
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  4. joehot200


    Nothing bad. The problem will just be that your server(s) will be unable to support that amount of people.

    BTW It might be a good idea to use google translate, though understandable some of your english confused me a little.
  5. wtf you run 700 players on 32 gb ram xeon e3 processor ssd disk ?

    ONLY 32 GIGS OF RAM?? And a single e3???
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    A single e3 obviously isnt good, however 1.5GB of RAM held 70 people for me before any sort of lag occoured, i suspect 2GB could get about 110, from that assumption, he would only need 14GB RAM at minimum to be able to run his server successfully with that number of people.

  7. yes its using 20 gb ram but cpu is overloading what cpu do you prefer. I think i will buy a packet from OVH
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    i think you would need to spread it across multiple computers now - Even Staminus's 4.5GHZ Overclocked could not hold the players without lag, i suggest you get another dedi.
  9. If i buy 2 piece 16 GB E3-1200 CPU dedicated server, how many players can play without lag?
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