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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Kritex, May 5, 2015.

  1. You can add Ram.
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  2. Identities give lag and you need restart the server sometimes.
  3. Entities ;)
  4. How may i decrease it ?
  5. Clearlag, though I was refering to the previous user saying 'identities'
    Also, why do you need optimization? 19.25 tps is perfectly fine...
  6. @frash23 's optimization guide should help tremendously for decreasing lag. In addition, getting an auto-restart plugin and setting it for every few ours is strongly recommended.
  7. Your tps rate is good...
    You should get ClearLagg or ChunkSpawnerLimiter to improve your server performance.
    Also, you said "Sometimes, 5 seconds of delays occur in my server". There are a lot of servers that had this kind of problem using plugin TreeAssist.

    Do you use a mysql database to record authme data?
    How often do you (or console) run the command /Save-all?

  8. I do have ClearLagg, but not ChunkSpawnerLimiter yet. Do you recommend me to delete TreeAssist or should i use another plugin alike ?

    I have never run /save-all before, also i am not sure that i have mysql database for authme. How can i find out it is on or off ?
  9. Run some tests. Back up the server data and do experiments with and without TreeAssist. See if that really is the culprit. If so, problem solved I suppose. If not, brute force it with all the optimizations you can.

  10. Well. I'm not english and maybe i can write something wrong but i'll try to be clear.

    ChunkSpawnerLimiter worked for me in 1.7.8 but stopped to work in 1.7.9, i don't know why but helped me a lot to prevent exp-mob farms.

    If you don't use the command /Save-all, check your bukkit.yml and check the option "ticks per: autosave". 6000 value means a save-all every 5 hours. You can understand alone what to do, depends on your server. (20 ticks = 1 second if you don't know but i think you know that).

    If you don't know about mysql and authme, you don't have a mysql server but a local file in authme folder.

    In my opinion you should try to insert a lower value in autosave (Not so low) and remove TreeAssist for 1 or 2 days.
    Check differences between before and after.

    Last question: Do you have a VPS, dedicated server or a simple minecraft server?
  11. Treeassist had some strange issues with checking logs causing lag, check your config maybe
  12. It is a simple minecraft server that have 6 gb ram with average 50-60 person. I have approximately 29 plugins.
  13. Well, if your host is solid your problems maybe are entities, auto-save but most of all TreeAssist
  14. I would like to thank all of you. Finally, i fixed my problem. You guys rock!
  15. You're welcome :)
    Can you tell us what was the problem?
  16. After i optimised spigot.yml and server properties, i didn't even see any lag again. We were 70 people, and there was 0 lag thanks to you guys :)=
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  17. I know exactly what causes the lag on my server.
    It's the 300+ inactive members.
    All the clutter left behind from those that register, try and op themselves without success then quit and never return.