Lag problems, I think it is our host

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by JavaSE, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. (I took this when it started crashing and lagging)

    I don't get it, 19 tps and we just randomly keep crashing throughout the day, only on weekends! I don't get it! It just started about 3 weeks ago and and only on weekends, I think our hosting company mcprohosting added another server to our node and they are causing the instability.

    I just had a use lag spike and almost crashed, here is the timings report:

    This is the message people get right before we crash: 20.06 15:38:16 [Disconnect] User vildbjorn has disconnected, reason: Internal Exception: Broken pipe

    Please I don't know what is wrong! If you can help, let me know! I don't want to complain to the hosting company and find out it was my fault.
  2. I think it's got something to with multicraft. So its most likely your host.
  3. Its really simple whats causing your lag, your using mcprohosting.
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  4. Says the person who said that MCProHosting is good -_-
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  5. Using MCPH is a big no. Try a better host or consider getting a VPS if you are not able to afford a Dedicated.

    McProHosting is usually overselling their servers and hence a lot of Minecraft servers are being served at a time and therefore, instablilities are being caused.

    Using my little knowledge in Java, that error is mostly MCPH's problem. Try contacting them to move your server to a different node.
  6. aaand i said that when?
  7. Thanks, will do I will ask them to, I haven't had any problems with them before now, up until this point I would have recommend them.
  8. Cldfire

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    MCPH is a huge, huge mistake. NEVER use MCPH.
  9. Yeah, MCProhosting don't give you a great performance Minecraft server.
  10. It used to be the good few years ago when MCPH had a less overloaded network.
  11. Remove essentials vteamcity? Should fix that issue..
  12. Like a few months ago ._.
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  13. After looking at that timings, I can find a lot of commands being executed and taking advantage of Essentials /sudo conmand.
    Take this considerations:
    Do you need entities on a plotworld?
    Make mine resets occur less frequent?
    Try turning off the Anti-Xray on your spigot.yml.
  14. like no i didnt
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  15. Yeah, I guess thats what happens when you get one too many clients.

    Their support has also been effected too. Moments where I would more than 20 minutes to be in live chat. Of course now they don't have one.
  16. Thank you! I will see if this makes a long term difference. I kinda wanted Anti X-ray, but I don't think I really need it and if it helps the server, I am all for it
  17. Get a better host i use i like it very much and its cheap!
  18. You have to be kidding, shock byte!?! Can I see a timings report or something? That company has a lot of bad reviews...
  19. Switch to Exodus Hosting? xD

    edit: or use Intreppid minecraft hosting