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  1. For the longest time I've wondered why my server is lagging when it says I have 20 TPS most of the time. I admittedly don't know how to show you something that would indicate what was causing the lag other than my plugin list and my server specs. If I could get some help in that department I'd really appreciate it. According to my server-host's website, these are the servers specs:

    Intel Xeon E5-1650 Processors
    64GB DDR3 ECC Memory
    2x300GB Intel 320 SSDs (RAID 1)
    1Gb/s Unmetered Uplink
    And I this is my chunk of the server, I guess:

    RAM: 3 GB
    Disk: 12 GB
    Backup: 75 GB

    Here's my plugin list(44):
    Buycraft, ColoredSigns, SimpleClans2, Vault, LogBlockQuestioner, PermissionsEx, PlayerHeads, LogBlock, CombatTag, Wither, WorldGuard, dynmap, MChat, Lottery, ChangeSilkTouch, iConomy, PearlXP, PEXRank, OpenInv, ChestShop, SimpleClansChat, ScheduledAnnouncer2, ProtocolLib, SuperSpleef, Votifier, mcMMO, Essentials, Orebfuscator, WorldBorder, JCVaultListener, EssentialsSpawn, TagAPI, EssentialsGeoIP, VanishNoPacket, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, MAdvanced, PreciousStones, CompatNoCheatPlus, BKCommonLib, NoCheatPlus, MCBans, NoLagg
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  2. Give us some timings.
    • Get rid of NoLagg, you don't need it. Those kind of plugins tend to be more of a trouble than help. Although I do recommend using ClearLag.
    • Switch to Spigot's internal Orebfuscator/anti x-ray.
    • iConomy is outdated. I recommend switching to Fe Economy - works just like iConomy and it has an importer.
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  3. Here are the new timings with Fe Economy, and some other tweaks. I tried ClearLag and I was actually getting more lag with that, so I switched back to NoLagg: