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  1. Hi, I am getting some very odd lag spikes when I get around 40 players on my server.

    Here is my timings:

    I hope some of you can see, what is in charge of the lag spikes.
  2. CPU model?

    Please provide a normal timings link i can't read that pastebin think.
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  3. Hi, what do you mean? That's the only timings I can get.

    And this is the server I have:
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  4. Your cpu model (E5 1620) should be more than okay for 40 players also when you say lag spikes you mean tps drops ?

    On the other hand you have a 2TB SATA so that could be the problem and about the timings just go to your server and do /timings on wait around 10 sec (if you are using spigot) and if within that time a lag spike happens even better and then do /timings paste and give us the link
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  5. When I do the /timings paste, it gives me a link where it says I need to do /timings paste, I do that and it gives me the same link.

    Although the lag spikes are new, I've been able to run 100 players without problems.
  6. 10 seconds timings? maybe like 20-30 minutes or so
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  7. Yea, it does look like that :)

    I'll try to get a new version of Spigot then.
  8. From the developer of the timings himself 12:38
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  9. electronicboy

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    The latest version of Spigot 1.8.8 will allow timings to work again, timings v1 and v2 are also fundamentally different, V1 it is best to reset and record and wait for a few minutes, a space of seconds is generally too small to collect any actual information worthwhile, especially when your server is lagging (yet, too long and the timings data is generally too polluted with information to be worthwhile).
    Timings V2 has many oversights to V1 that have been fixed, the only downside is that you need to use a fork of Spigot in order to use V2.
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  10. Hey, how did you get that link? :)

    And thanks!
  11. Whats your tps on the server?
  12. It might be the cause of a hacker. Had it on my previous server too. DerpCraft.