Lag with no evident cpu or ram overload

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  1. Hey!
    I own a minecraft server running on 1.14.4 PaperSpigot(latest version, git-Paper-236). The server has lag and tps is constantly low when having more than approx. 10 people online. We have tried optimising the server, but with little success. We have Survival and TntRun for gamemodes. We also have a seperate world for events and in total there are 7 active worlds. When we had 19 people online, tps was about 10.
    For our host we are using OmgServ. Unlimited RAM, ?GB disk space (according to the plan) and since “unlimited” doesn’t tell much, 29GB of RAM and 476.4GB according to Spark.

    Bukkit.yml config:
    Spigot.yml config:
    Paper.yml config: config:
    Timings (during lag, approx. 19 people online):, (usual, approx. 5-6 people online)

    Has anyone experienced something like this and knows what could help?

    EDIT: We upgraded server to PaperSpigot 1.15.2 and now timings: and 15 players online: (
    We probably have the Intel Xeon E5-2670.
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  2. What specs are the CPU and anything you can gather about?

    Edited: The biggest two issues are AuthMe and QuantumShop.

    Then there is your "VillagerOptimiser" which is causing lag by updating entities through nms.
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  3. I would recommend upgrading to 1.15.2 if at all possible, make backups of everything prior to upgrading and to test to make sure it works.

    The only conclusion I can draw is it has to be a CPU issue. I tried searching their website, but it was sparse of information. Are you on a dedicated server? I suspect you're probably sharing one with others. Just because it says CPU usage is 65% also doesn't mean it's not a CPU issue, as it could be accounting for all threads, however Minecraft runs mostly single-threaded, which is why I think it could be a CPU issue.

    Also as a side note, you shouldn't dedicate so much RAM to the server. Something like 16GB should be enough and shouldn't go beyond unless you need to.
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  5. Hey! Which host would you recommend? And how much RAM (server uses ca 4-5gb ram)? Players in Estonia, so it should be somewhere in Europe.
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    Most likely your provider is stacking up their servers with a bunch of servers. Without a good balance, the CPU can struggle to keep your server running normally. You can use a SoYouStart Dedi or find another hosting provider such as Server.Pro which has good CPUs for their higher tears.
  7. The problem is not the hosting, I host my own servers on propper datacenter boxes and you can't have 20 players without tps going to 8 or lower.. It's a problem with the spigot / paper, everyone is complaining about the same on good systems, please someone help out, having the server with all of the optimizations does nothing.
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