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  1. My server has 500 slots and 25GB of RAM. It's run on a dedicated machine:
    Intel Xeon E3-1240v5
    32 GB DDR4 ECC RAM

    We only have 75 players and the TPS instantly keeps dropping below 5 causing severe lag. I don't know why this keeps happening.

    Here is a timings report:

    Any solution or at least reduce the lag?
  2. Phoenix616

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    Just take a look at the timings. The PlayerMoveEvent listeners are taking up a lot of the tick time. Either remove the plugins or change their settings to ignore/tone down the listing rate for these events. Alternatively use modified versions of these plugins or the server to disable/modify the move event if the plugins are not coded in a way that changing that behaviour is possible.
  3. Remove premium vanish its main cause of lag
  4. How is PremiumVanish causing the lag? It's the main plugin of how staff members vanish / moderate + staff weren't even using /vanish. (It was impossible from all the lag)
  5. Yet it was taking 28% of tick somehow just telling you what timings say idk maybe it is made like shit
  6. I don't know how to read timings but when I look under Plugins it says PermissionsEx is loading the most, or something similar to that
  7. Premiumvanish is hardly causing any lag... login events with it seem slow, but that's hardly your biggest issue here. The extreme dip in TPS you got was caused by spartan. might want to try reconfiguring your anticheat stuff if it's causing that much lag from player move events. I don't have any experience with that plugin though so I couldn't tell you why it is causing so much lag.

    EDIT: why on earth do you have 25 GB of ram dedicated to a single server? That is honestly just wasteful. As a general rule you only need 10 GB dedicated to one server, max. After that point you're just wasting resources you could be giving to other servers on a network.
  8. We are just a faction server with a hub. Plus, Factions needs more than 10 GB
  9. Try switching to LuckPerms because PermissionsEx has lots of game breaking bugs and can crash the server if the permissions.yml is too big.
    It has an integrated migration command so you do not have to switch manually...
  10. Nope, @ceruleanReverie is right if your average amount of players online is 75 and you need 25 gb's of ram you're doing something wrong :).
    If lowering your ram doesn't change anything you should try removing spartan from your plugins and startup the server again and try if the lagg is gone.

    Have you btw touched your spartan config yet?
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  11. ye I have, i have a lot of checks disabled and i made it so it logs all data into a database rather than a file.
  12. Did you also try starting your server without spartan?

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