Lagging i don't know why

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  1. After that ( green underline) on my server is big lag.:

    My server was starting in 5 seconds and keept over 140 peoples. ( 5 seconds starting log:
    Look at the end of log, there is information about time starting.

    There is log when my sever starting with 12 seconds, i hve problem to keep 80 players online...

    I don't what causing that, please help, i lose player by that.
    Please look first at this three logs.
  2. Give us a timings report type "/timings merged" into server chat and paste the results into pastebin
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    Starting with 5 seconds, starting with 12 seconds, what does that mean? Also your TPS is high and only 1 user disconnected, probably not due to lag.

  4. Before my server started with 5 seconds.
    Now it start with 12 seconds, so 2.5x slower.

    Before my server keept 150 players with 20 tps !

    Now i have 15 Tps with 80 players !
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    Please provide a timings report!

    The next time your TPS is low, issue /timings on and wait a few minutes for data to build up (10 minutes sounds good) - then issue /timings paste and give us the Aikar link it provides.
  6. Ok this is that:

    But few days ago, everything work ok with the same plugins. I don't change anything
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  7. I remember that this have show when mojang release 1.5 minecraft on wendesday.
  8. Do you have mcMMO configured to store in a flatfile or do you have a MySQL database set?

    Also, was this additional server load sudden, or has it been a gradual thing?
  9. No, flatflile

    server load sudden,
  10. I am new to these timing reports and I am still learning them, but I see a good amount of resources spent on entities. I would suggest a version of Spigot that has entity-activation, I have it installed on all my servers now and it has done wonders. I am currently running Spigot 631. I highly recommend doing that as well as I feel it will atleast help with your lag issues.
  11. I can back to 631, but now i must using 1.5 version of minecraft
  12. I am not 100% on this, but I was under the impression that running mcMMO in a flatfile for a busy server was not a good idea. Think about it, every time there is a change the server has to read the file, then write to the file. Over time the file gets very long and it takes more and more resources to load the file and write to it. With a database, it simply queries (I am no database expert so I don't really know the details :))

    What build of Spigot are you using?
  13. How i can migrate from flatfile to mysql in mcmmo?

    I using now 667# build

    What you mean by saying: "I would suggest a version of Spigot that has entity-activation"
    Which version have that?
  15. That version of Spigot should support it, maybe go in and tweak the settings in the bukkit.yml

    This is my settings I am working with at the moment on my SkyBlock server and it has helped a ton:
    entity-activation-range-animals: 16
    entity-activation-range-monsters: 32
    entity-activation-range-misc: 8

    /mmoupdate is the command to transfer a mcMMO flatfile to a database, do your home work on this before acting on it, you will need to install mySQL on your machine and set up the database. Also there is some small config changes in the mcMMO config file. I cannot stress enough, BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP, if something goes wrong I would hate to see you dead in the water.
  16. I don't want optimizie anything.
    Few days ago my server keept 150 players WITH 20 tps, now i have problem with 80 players (11-14 TPS !)
  17. I switch mcmmo from flatfile to mysql, but it don't help
  18. Alright so, when looking at your logs, it looks like your are jumping between Spigot builds, have you experimented with other versions? You are on the bleeding edge running the 1.5 versions

  19. Before many time i used 584 build, later when i have lags i started jumping beetwen build
  20. Have you updated all your plugins so they play well with 1.5?