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  1. Hi,

    At our server we have an minigame, and an timer on the scoreboard But we have one bug: its very laggy when viewed in the timings. We tried fixing this by nestling sync in an async. But that kinda does work, it counts down with 5 steps.
    Can anyone help us make an timer that is laggless, by the way. We can't use async because we are opening an scoreboard.
  2. A Lagless Timer, easy, show us what you've got and we can help you ;)
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  3. I guess you are creating a new scoreboard for each update?.
    A few tips when updating a scoreboard constantly are:

    - Share a scoreboard when possible
    - Instead of creating a new one to write changes try to get the objective which has the changing value and then update it
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  4. I dont know but we tried:
    Timertasks, schedulers (sync and async), bukkitrunnable, ScheduledExecutorService.

    We fixed it. Just by tweaking.
  5. Consider looking into my wiki. It's in my signature. Would help you saving a lot of stuff for scoreboard :)