[LAN]One basic question about bungeecord(May sound stupid)

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  1. Okay guys, I'm new to BC and here is my question:

    Say I have 5 VPS in the same LAN but only one of them(32G ;10Mbps) has IP,the other 4 (4G each ; 0 Mbps) share no IP , meaning players can not connect them,

    Is that possible I host a BC on that 32G & 10Mbps VPS and config connection to the last 4 server?
  2. The other 4 Servers must have a ethernet connection to the VPS with the internet IP otherwise no one can connect to this servers.

    Lets call the VPS with the internet IP: Proxy

    You have to set up Bungeecord on the Proxy Server and on the other Servers Spigot. Now configure the BungeeCord Server so that it forward the request to one of the other VPS Server.

    If you do not know how to do this, please read the wiki articel for BungeeCord and Spigot.

    If you have set all necessary options, you should now have a BungeeCord Network.
  3. Thanks I will check the BC wiki and other tutorials;)
  4. I also have a question and this might be stupider but do I need another server for BungeeCord the one that has run.bat? or I can cut/paste the bungeecord folder to my my hub folder?
  5. You have a Spigot Server on the Same Host as a BungeeCord Server. You could also start multiple Spigot Servers on one Server, if you change the Port.

    For BungeeCord and Spigot on the same Host, you only have to tell BungeeCord that it should look for a Spigot Server on localhost (