Spigot Landlord 2 4.344

Protect land, protect animals, protect it all, with Landlord.

  1. When you add a friend at your claim and then you go to /ll manage > manage friends, we shoud see the list of heads friends in a GUI.
    Or it's a error of my own server whit head ?
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  2. SpatiumPrinceps updated [BETA] Landlord 2 with a new update entry:

    Plenty bugfixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. Hi ! Is there a specific expansion to download with Placeholder API to use LandLord Placeholder's as "%ll_claims%" ?
  4. Not to my knowledge. Landlord itsself provides the necessary expansion, unless I overlooked something. You do have a recent version of PlaceholderAPI installed?
  5. I'm using the latest version of Placeholder API, I have tried to use the Placeholder "%ll_claims%" with DeluxeMenu but it doesn't work
  6. Thanks for pointing this out. Apparently its %landlord_claims% nowdays. Something was lost during the update I guess.
  7. This one work perfectly, this is just the Placeholder wiki page which is outdated I think
  8. Yea exactly. I updated it now that I am aware of it ^^
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  9. The ll item does not work in 1.14.3.
    I would still have a plugin idea:
    How about chunking over a crate menu or claiming Dynmap?
    it is possible to create mining chunks(auto) that will reset or recreate.
    I'm currently using FarmWord.
    Logblock(Coreprotect) would be a good API for that.
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  10. Tested 1.8?
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  11. SlimeDog


    Clearly stated on the Home page: Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.12, 1.13, 1.14
    1.8 hasn't been a supported Spigot version since (maybe) 2015?
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  12. oh that's wrong:confused:, and do not you know that another plugin can be as good as this and is compatible in 1.8?
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  13. SlimeDog


    Then you should use the other plugin, and feel lucky that some plugin will still support 1.8. (Or better: upgrade your server.)
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  14. hi ! I see 2 sections :
    Growth and claims
    Why is there 2 formula ???
    thank you :)
  15. One is for the price of lands, other one for the price of claims in /ll shop
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  16. Hi,
    can you execute /region info on the land, that produces this error and sent a screenshot?
  17. Hello, I'm looking for a way to give bonus claim to someone, something that allows the user to bypass his limit permission. I'm struggling with that because the only way i can think to allow that, is give to the player the permission with the new limit, but that would require to also have that limit on the config. Thanks! :)