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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Angeschossen, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. hello, I tried it on Discord but there is no way that they will answer me in several days on several occasions. I am not disgusted, on the contrary I love this plugin and use it as an essential base of my server. I ask the question again here to see if there is more luck.

    hi, is there any way to alert me when a land is deleted due to inactivity? sorry for my English.
  2. You must verify your account on Discord first :)
    There's only a log message in your console. For luckperms there is also a permission to bypass expiration.
  3. and how do I verify discord?
  4. by following the instructions in the #spigot channel.
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  6. Hello, I can't use discord for some reasons, so I can only make a function request here. Can you provide a placeholder to judge whether the player is in his own lands? It will output true / false
  7. hi I have a problem I don't understand your plugin if it says with maximum claims and I set it to 5 then you can still do more than 5 so I don't really understand anything about it and I don't understand the money if I change it it's still for free
  8. That's because you're either op or you have free claims permission.
  9. Is there a way to add prefix in chat and tab with a placeholder of the Nation Name ? Like: Seitan [MyNation] - Hi!

    Is there a way to have more than 16 characters in the roles name? My player would want more characters
  10. Yes, check the wiki > placeholderapi

    Currently not.
  11. How can I add that placeholder to my chat format? I just enter %theplaceholder% in my luckperms prefix?
  12. If Luckperms supports PlaceholderAPI, yes.
  13. hi, i can modify the tool item (feather) for view claim limit ?
  14. In your language folder -> gui file.
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  16. Can we config the placeholder %nation_name% information for when a player isnt in a nation ? When a player dont join a nation they have None (or in french Aucun) but i would want it to say Join a nation (or in french rejoins une nation) instead
  17. When you create a lot of lands, theres an order in wich they seem to have a priority and we cant change it
    Exemple, i have two lands where im the creator and owner, i trusted one of them in a nation
    But since the other lands is not trusted every commands i do wont work because the one not trusted has priority over the one who is

    That makes it so i either have to delete the one not trusted, or trust it wich i dont want since i dont want to be part of the nation :)
    Is there a way to change the priority of your land or to select wich one is the principal?