Universal LanguageAPI [Discontinued] 1.1

Provides a database to save text identified by different languages

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    LanguageAPI - Provides a database to save text identified by different languages

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  4. @miguelrebolo To do so u of course have to code the for example navigator yourself and then use the LanguageAPI to get the name of the items.
    So in the LanguageAPI you have for example english and spanish. Then u simply get the language of the player which one he as set as his language and after that u get the message corresponding to the messageId for example "spawnItemName" in combination with the language xD
  5. For example i want translate this spanish message from one of compas:
    - '&7Dos equipos lucharán para demostrar'
    - '&7quien de ellos es el mejor. ¡Ahora los'
    - '&7donadores tienen 5 kits y tienen unos'
    - '&7multiplicador &6x2 &7exp/coins! Juega con'
    - '&7tus amigos y divertiros. ¡Haz misiones!'
    - '& 7Zwei Teams werden kämpfen um zu beweisen'
    - '& 7 Wer ist der Beste? Jetzt die
    - '& 7Spender haben 5 Kits und haben einige'
    - '& 7multiplier & 6x2 & 7exp / münzen! Spiel mit '
    - '& 7Ihre Freunde und viel Spaß. Mache Missionen!

    How can I do that?
  6. u create messages in Spanish and German with the same messageId so like this:

    Code (Text):
    For German: '& 7Zwei Teams werden kämpfen um zu beweisen'
    For Spanish '&7Dos equipos lucharán para demostrar'

    and so on
    so u can get via the API, the message(description line) with the messageId and the language the player has choosen.

    the code would be as follows:

    Code (Java):
    LanguageAPI languageAPI = new LanguageAPI();
    UUID uuid = null; //Your current users uuid for presentation purpose its null
    String message = languageAPI.getMessageString(languageAPI.getLanguageOf(uuid), "tgamemode_item_description_line1");
  7. Sir, if I open the .zip folder that creates the .jar, I can not do anything inside, if I open the .jar with WinRar, nothing either. With what program could I edit messages or code?
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  8. By coding a plugin yourself and using this ressource! This is not a plugin to replace all messages automatically thats simply not possible if they author doesn't use my API! u have to use my API in your own plugins to get messages in different languages!

    U dont have to change the code of my API u have to change the code in your plugin u want to be translatable xD
  9. You know one plugin who can translate all messages of one server including minigame selector? Ty for solve my problem, wrong plugin XD.
  10. Nah sorry i didn't hear about a plugin like that because thats not how plugins work! its simply not possible to change every message to a player no matter from what source!
  11. Can you tell me how hypixel does?
  12. They way i coded my plugin. They code all by them self! and then they use an API to translate in the required language xD
  13. In that case one plugin can translate all messages from one server.Plis add this feature in the next update.
  14. I think u got something completely wrong here! This is a Developer API it has nothing to do with translating any messages it provides a interface for developer to get a message depending on a users set language! The plugin itself can do nothing beside creating/managing the messages in the depending language in the database!

    In other words: Not the plugin translates the messages. U do and then save them in the plugin!