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  1. Hello,
    I am the owner of a soon to be large network (thousands will be spent on advertising and making sure we have a large playerbase). I was wondering: which host should we use, and why? Also, for BungeeCord, we need 3 - 4 servers for lobbies and 5 servers for the games, so if we should use different companies for different servers, let me know.

    So, which one(s) and why? Here's some I've been thinking about:
    Other (please name it)
    Also, should I use a dedicated server or a VPS?
  2. Sounds like everyone... *tear shed*

    But honestly, if you think you're going to have "large player base" just go ahead and get a dedicated server. You'll be able to host your website there too. Get a server administrator to optimize it and get it all good and ready.
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  3. Hello,

    If you truly plan on having a large network then a dedicated server would be best, depending on how much resources you will use. I would recommend using all one host, often times if you order multiple servers they may give you a bulk deal. I would 100% stay away from SoYouStart. Their hardware is outdated and old and their network is stable at best, only use them if you are on a really low budget. I am going to send you a PM with some other information.
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  4. Why would you order multiple servers from a dedicated host? Just buy one and put all your servers on there...
  5. Do you need a dedi for each lobby / game / world, or can you store them all on a large one?
  6. I would start off with one dedicated server and go from there. You can always expand.
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  7. One large one. Sort of the point of a dedicated machine.
  8. Where is your playerbase located? Where do you want your server to be?
  9. lol
    SoYouStart E3's are fine. its only bad if you get a HDD, or if you get an AMD CPU.
    SYS E3-SSD-32 with quad core 8 thread cpu runs just as good as ovh's base plan performance wise.
    100% go SYS.
    I think you're thinking of kimsurfi who have shit hardware.
    My SYS plan for under £40 a month, can hold 300 players.

    also.... SYS is on the same network as OVH.

    Disclaimer: I am speaking about the 100% stable French located datacentre. have no experience about Canada datacentre, but has heard it is much worse.
  10. [QUOTE="djkaye, post: 2813977, member: 64221also.... SYS is on the same network as OVH.[/QUOTE]

    So is kimsufi xD

    OVH is for large networks who want quick support, good quality
    SYS is for the beginners, thats why its called 'So You Start', also great hardware & support, always choose the SSD servers (HDD's are slow).
    Kimsufi is just a large storage server, you should never host a MC server on it.

    I'd start with SYS and if you really get a big server start to move to OVH
  11. Relinquished


    I think it's important to point out here OVH is a budget provider. They only offer support for technical reasons. They sacrifice support for cheaper prices. I would not say they have good support, nor is it very quick in my experience. Just something to remember when choosing a host.
  12. kimsurfi only has 100mbit connection

    OVH also is rlly bad with asking for id every 2 days then randomly cancelling your service....
  13. You need to firstly verify yourself with OVH, its a sample. After you've verified you won't be asked ever again for your ID..
  14. Not everyone needs to verify themselves. It's pretty much random as far as I know. I've been using them for over a year, have a dozen servers with them and nobody ever asked me for verification.
  15. That's why i said 'sample' xd
  16. they shut my friend down who went on holiday for 2 weeks and left his servers without checking on them. he was asked for id and ovh shut em down.
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    They would have closed his account for breaking their terms of service. Anyone who ignores the ID verification is closed/terminated.
  18. He was on holiday and had no access to internet?
  19. If you want to host a HUGE network, a dedicated server of a VPS is highly recommended since you can host website, discord bots (if for whatever reason you have one dedicated to your server, etc.).
    Otherwise ApexMinecraft or McProHosting are good hosts for servers.

    If you have low budget to work your way up to being a huge net work then AquatisHost and PebbleHost are quite cheap.
    To be honest, I don't see a reason why someone would start a network on a low budget, just save up if someone wants to succeed.