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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by gUnit, May 16, 2015.

  1. Hello! I want to know how to get a large playerbase with the servers. Lately my server is playerbase is dropped at 0. I want it to get higher and HIGHER. How can I do this other than posting it on websites? How can I advertise it?

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  2. money
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  3. To get big fast you need money. Otherwise advertise on all Server lists you can find and bump regularly. Also word of mouth can be helpfull. Also don't start with a network. I'd recommend starting with a single server.

    If you get any sort of budget look into:
    .org slots
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  4. Cldfire

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    He knows that, how about where to spend it. It's not all about trying to get 5 funny ratings.
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  5. JamesJ


    dont give up?
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  6. Well no sh*t sherlock
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  7. I have a network

    Hmmm.. YouTubers. I don't know
    Why .org slots?


  8. lmfao chill kid. Basically just get enough money to.... meh, why waste time explaining simple shit to 50 cents lol
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  9. I would hire a youtuber to start some kind of series on your server. Then again, it depends what kind of server you have. I also would look into some youtuber the community is familiar with. This won't be cheap. :p
  10. You spend it because some people are generally helpful people. If you don't want to explain then no need to post on here. Regardless I've found YouTube to get servers lots of players and buying featured slots boosts some servers up a lot so long as the server is good and has players to begin with.
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  11. Idle on about 20 alts and talk on them occasionally before you bump because nobody wants to play on an empty server.
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  12. Cool :). I don't want to waste too much though
  13. What alt?
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  14. Before releasing your server make sure it's proffentional. I suggest making your server unquie, repesenting your likes/dislikes. Custom plugins and updating your server monthly with new features will help grow your community, along with Weekly events and active staff to run them. Adding a voting system can really help get your server out there, especially if the players receive a reward or rewards.

    Hiring youtubers will help grow your community quickly but will cost a lot of money, however if done correct you should make a profit.
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  15. Cldfire

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    Custom plugins are in no way required for a unique server.
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  16. And uniqueness is in no way required for a popular server ;)
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  17. Cldfire

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    Too true, lol.
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  18. Ya. I will try YouTubers

    Sometimes, it could be in effect :)

    That is true. But c'mon who doesn't want a popular server?
  19. If you have no budget i suggest doing this
  20. Rent/buy a .org slot or hire a YouTuber. This website may help for finding people.