Spigot Lasers [Mechanics | Redstone] 2.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Functional Laser redstone devices! Multiple colors & Mirrors

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    Lasers - Functional Laser redstone devices! Multiple colors & Mirrors

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  2. It would be really cool if, when a player was killed by a laser, it had a custom death message. :)
  3. Great idea! I'll add that.
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    Good plugin, made me think of this.

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  5. Can't seem to get the dispensors. When I craft the items through the crafting recipe, the item apears but when I click it, it just removes the item.
  6. I guess you probably used a diamond to craft it. You need the Laser Crystal for the Emitter and Receiver.
  7. Ow sorry, my apologies.
  8. I thought I had already fixed that issue before the first release. What's in your config.yml?
  9. I have the version 1.0.4.
  10. This is so cool. Time to make some puzzles :D
  11. JamesJ


    This must be cool, you even got a tweet from @md_5 :eek:
  12. I haven't tested the plugin myself, so this may already be a feature.

    If you could figure out a way to change the redstone output of a receiver based on the color of the laser (Like weaker/stronger comparator output strength), it would allow some cool possibilities with data transfer.