Spigot Lasso 1.5

Better mechanics for leashing up your mobs!

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    Also, the bee was missing in 1.15.2 release and is now supported for leashing.
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    klugemonkey updated Lasso with a new update entry:

    Beta Release 2 for 1.16.1

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Nothing like a bee balloon.
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  5. I've encountered a small issue - trying to leash a player results in 2 leads disappearing into nothingness.
  6. Hi,
    Is there a possibility you could update this to 1.16.2 please (or release source code) ^^
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    How to report an issue:

    1. Please let me know the version of the plugin.
    2. Please let me know the version of Spigot or Paper you are running and that you have updated it to the latest.
    3. Summarize the problem - what is it not doing that you are expecting.
    4. Describe the steps you took to reproduce and if it is consistently reproducable.
    5. Let me know if you have tested it on a test server eliminating other plugins to narrow the cause.

    Please do not just say 'it doesn't work' and give me no details. I will consider those issues to be unconfirmed user errors.
  9. Okay so i think lasso is not liking the version I am on.

    1. Latest version of the plugin (1.4)
    2. paper-185 1.16.2 (API version 1.16.2.R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    3. The plugin basically won't load
    [21:39:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [Lasso] Enabling Lasso v1.4-b1
    [21:39:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [Lasso] Using NMS version v1_16_R2
    [21:39:32] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Lasso] Error! This plugin only supports Spigot versions 1.13+!
    [21:39:32] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Lasso] Plugin will be disabled!
    [21:39:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [Lasso] Disabling Lasso v1.4-b1

    4. I just added the plugin into the folder
    5. I don't think it is other plugins causing the issue so i haven't tested it, but can on request.

    I had the paper version 174 before and it wasn't working on that so the first action i took was updating paper to the latest version.

    Hope this helps!!
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    Should have been addressed already in 1.4 release. Please use the release not the beta 1.
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  11. I can't seem to get it work with Worldguard. I checked to make sure it shows Lasso as ALLOW in my region flags. Yet when I try to attach my horse to the fence, it won't allow it. Anyone know why this is?

    EDIT: Just realized the lasso flag is only for preventing mobs being lassoed by a player in the region. I thought it also meant a player could attach a lasso to a fence post. I hope perhaps you'll make this a feature with another worldguard flag.

    Worldguard Suggestion:
    lasso-use : Region permission to lasso a mob.
    lasso-tie : Region permission to tie a mob to a fence.
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  12. Will I be able to leash creepers? Boats? Or perhaps even the dragon or wither?
    What does the config look like?

    Yes, you can leash creepers and dragons. Haven't seen boat, but probably as well!
    Boats doesn't work. But very cool plugin still
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  13. SlimeDog

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    Download the plugin and unzip it in a temp directory (you don't have to install it). All will be revealed.
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  14. Thank you, that is a great idea. I can see creepers and the ender dragon on the list, good to know.
    Gonna install this.
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  16. Hi, we can't leash mobs that are named. Please fix, thank you.
  17. 1.16.5
    paper #675
    lasso v1.4.1
    leads attached to slimes do not actually pull the slime
  18. I would appreciate it very much if you can update to 1.17
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  19. This is probably the most underrated plugin here in spigot. Update to 1.17 please. <3
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  20. Please update, useful plugin.
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