Spigot LastLoginAPI - API to handle player names and login timestamps 1.6.0

A library to handle player names and login timestamps

  1. Would it be right to assume that this continues to work on 1.14, due to there not being much of a change between the two (like there was between 1.12.2 and 1.13.2)?
  2. I've tested it on my 1.14 server and it works, its not natively supported yet but it should works :) (I'm going to update all my plugins soon)
  3. Great to know, thanks!
  4. hi were i can find the placeholders ? i want to put in a soreboard . :) sorry my english is bad
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  5. Could you let us have the elapsed time as 2 digits. For example I have it as %hours%:%minutes% and if it was say just 3 minutes i'd want it to show 00:03 but instead it shows 0:3.

    Also if i put seconds, when it goes over a minute the seconds shows 61 not just 1 for the seconds.
  6. Its in my to-do list to handle time like dates ;)