Latest AAC is giving me error

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by gyurix, May 14, 2016.

  1. Hello, I have just downloaded the latest AAC and it's giving me this error:


    Could you help me in fixing this issue and being able to access the plugin?
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  2. Piracy rip
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  3. @konsolas Here's a guy asking for help, can you help him break the piracy protection?
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  4. Yep, just I can't understand how can it be a piracy issue, if I have bought the plugin and downloaded it's latest version right now.
  5. Celebrimbor


    Well...if you actually bought it and downloaded from the legal source(Spigot), then do this:
    1. Delete old
    2. Redownload latest
    3. Stop server (dont do live install)
    4. Drop new jar
    5. Start server (with internet connection)
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  6. @gyurix I think konsolas can check who bought the plugin. You can send him a PM.
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  7. Celebrimbor


    Also, AAC does not play well with Plugman, so if you tried to install it with '/plugman load AAC', this is going to happen.
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  8. WARNING: If you didn't buy the plugin, I would suggest contacting konsolas.
  9. I have tried to load it with PlugMan first, and then I got the error I posted, now I have also tried to add it to the server when the server was stopped, but it caused the same issue.

    I have bought the plugin. And downloaded it from it's official SpigotMc site, around 5 mins ago.
  10. @gyurix Review the plugin so we can see if you really bought it.
  11. Done
  12. @gyurix I'm sorry for saying that you pirated the plugin. Uhm, wait for konsolas.
  13. Ok, @konsolas could you help me in fixing this issue?
  14. konsolas


    Please fire your sysadmin/whoever has access to AAC on your server and has posted it on leakforums for the THRID time, even after you were banned from spigot once.

    The second thing is, I can't remove that as it was applied by the Spigot staff. So contact them about how your copy magically made it to leakforums 3 times.
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  15. Hosted server, host has access to all the files. The thing doesn't even work (as seen here) unless it's been bought legitimately. Nice job on it btw Konsolas. Haven't bought it due to it's high price but I've been messing around with it on your test server. :D

  16. I have fired this guy already, maybe that's why he leaked the AAC. Could you give access for the plugin at least for ip: That's the IP of my server network.
  17. Hex

    IRC Staff

    That's not how the anti-piracy systems work, and thus this is impossible.
  18. Ok, could you allow me the usage of the plugins latest version?
  19. lmfao, rip OP.
    That's why you use a dedi host.

    Anti-Piracy sys are set to only work with YOUR spigot id, so you won't be able to use AAC again, your user Id is blacklisted, thus rendering any version of AAC you download useless.