latiku is a scammer! Beware

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  1. So I have ordered a plugin from
    for 300€.
    The deadline was 10.03.2020 and its 16.03.2020.
    He doesn't come online and he doesn't reply.
    Moral of the story: Don't trust someone because they have a supporter badge on here.
    Either he's scamming me, REALLY REALLY busy (which I don't think, because he even made a comment on spigot during the days that he didnt reply to me) or he got in an accident, is dead, or has corona (which isnt an excuse)

    I don't know what to do. Whether I should wait or try to refund my money.
    Very sketchy.
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  2. really surprising to see such active spigotmc user to be scammer
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  3. He seems to be working on your stuff at first. Has he actually shown any progress, indicating that he at least was working?
    Perhaps wait a bit longer. Tag 'm here, @latiku, maybe he'll respond.

    Though let's not forget we currently have Corona to deal with. The situation for everyone may differ. Everything is closed; schools, offices, restaurants, pubs, etc. Hospitals and retirement homes are being overloaded. There are quite a few reasons why one may be quite occupied right now in the current situations. Though still, at least some response would be expected.

    I tagged him here now, let's wait if he responds here.
  4. He had invited me to github
    And I had entered it already a long time ago,because he told me to enter so I can see the progess, but there would never be anything except a readme file that said the plugin name. But it seems that he deleted this repository now.
    upload_2020-3-16_15-15-55.png upload_2020-3-16_15-16-3.png

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  5. Here is some evidence that it's his discord:
  6. I'm not doubting you, but that's evidence that someone is telling you they're latiku on spigot. Not evidence that the discord user is latiku.

    Did you pay, and can you chargeback? If he doesn't respond within 1-2 days just chargeback him. It doesn't matter if he's busy, if that's the case he should have contacted you about it and told you he wouldn't be able to do it within the timeframe, not just leave you lol.
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  7. Discord user confirming theyre latiku on spigot = confirming the spigot user is the discord user
    Yes I paid. I paid on 25th of march or something.
  8. That depends if spigot can confirm time and date of following.

    The 25th march 2019?

    Edit: latiku is not following you. What you've provided us with is not proof to me unless you can get someone from spigot staff to confirm that latiku followed you.
  9. OP, based on the chat history, must have gotten confirmation considering they both seem to confirm a (temporarily) follow. Why both OP continue to deal with the user if he couldn't provide proof ti follow? The developer probably removed his follow afterwards. I've done the same with these kind of verifications. No need to keep a follow.
  10. Anyways that’s why it’s a good idea to pay when actually receiving the finished product, or at least don’t pay the full price from the beginning.

    I hope you will get the money back tho!
  11. Yeah he followed me and after a day unfollowed. Maybe a staff can confirm.

    at first the price for the plugin was 150 and he told me to pay 75 already.
    Then he said that the effort is much larger than expected and told me to either pay another 225 or he'll just code what I paid for (75€).
    So I paid the 225€ and he said he'll code it...

    Thanks, I'll wait a bit. I still have hope that he might reply , still have a bit of faith in humanity..
    Because of corona I also have an additional 180 days of refund time so..
  12. If he doesn't at least reply or show any signs of life in the upcoming week, I'd charge back. To be completely frank, it's already quite an asshole move to first quote 150, and to then double that amount. Should've given either a proper estimation from the start.
  13. it's been 17 days since the deadline.
    Still no reply.
  14. If you hired someone and you gave a deadline and they make zero effort: You're wasting YOUR time and YOUR money.

    Cut your losses, or take legal steps.

    Best of luck.

    Don't hire noobs
  15. You really should chargeback him tbh.

  16. Wouldn't say that he is trustworthy.
  17. It's been long enough. Fill a chargeback. Even if there's some reason, almost 3 weeks with not even a reply or any sign of life is unacceptable.
  18. I would chargeback 100% I hate scammers ...
  19. I mean, I understand if the current coronavirus situation or other offline issues could be in the way.

    But it's not like you haven't been asking for a while to get an update. If they show online on Discord etc, and don't take 30 seconds to say: Can't talk, offline went bonkers, will follow up and give you back your money soon. Sorry i won't be able to complete this..
    They're not worth your time or your money.
  20. Oh look! EnumJava has scammed someone yet again. What a surprise.

    Old spigot users going back to like 2014 know him as a scamming & ratting 10 year old