Launch server when required ?

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  1. Hi,

    I've been searching around and on Google, but with no luck.

    I am hosting a Bukkit server for me and some friends. We have around ten maps, and growing (most are games). It works quite fine, but we have some problems, like command block saying things to all maps instead of just the map it is on. Also, scoreboards are shared with all maps, which is a big problem for games.

    I've found Spigot and BungeeCord, which would, if I understand correctly, allow me to run multiple servers, which would solve all my problems.

    However, after some tests, it seems like Spigot uses ~300Mb of RAM per server. That's very low. Problem is, with 10 servers, I would need around 3Gb of RAM, when I only have 1.5Gb

    Is there any possibility to keep the lobby server always online, and start servers only when a player want's to go on it? It seems like Spigot can start in less than 10 seconds, and even 30 seconds would be an acceptable time for us.

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    1. /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

    2. Crazy/stupid idea:
    Give access to the players to start the server on the website by a click of a button.
    Once the game ends the server stops.?

    What host are you using for 1.5gb and how much are you paying?
    Also how many players do you currently have?
  3. That second idea, is sooo, sooo, sooooooo dumb. Although I do like the op's idea, maybe md_5 could give an explanation to us if it would be possible/a good idea.
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    I said it was stupid, thanks for agreeing with me. :)

    Which is why I am seeing if he can move to a different host instead, hence the questions.
    Cause trying to run multiple servers on 1.5 gb isn't going to do much good.

    If I am not mistaken, I think Hypixel's server has a system in place for his adventure maps.
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    I dont think that they start the server on playerjoin on hypixel for minigame instances.
    Their are always online i guess...

    The start on join would be an interesting feature for low end servers.

  6. Why?
    OP is stating that this is for him and his friends, perhaps they're trustworthy enough for this to be possible?
  7. Hi,

    I know I can block all blocks output, but that's not the goal, I just want every block to "speak" on its map, plus that wouldn't fix the gameboard problem.

    The server I use is my own server, we share it with friends, so that's what every one of us gets, and I do have a lot of other services on my server (GitLab, Redmine, LDAP, Apache, ...)

    Servers could be launched from a website, that is not really an issue, as I could easily protect this with a password. However, I'm looking for a solution tha tcould integrate with Minecraft.

    We are about 15, never more that 10 connected at the time, none most the time, that's why this servers suits my needs.

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    If it's 10-15 friends you trust I would go with the website idea, this obviously wouldn't work for a public server.
    I don't think there is a solution within Minecraft to launch a server, and md_5 isn't going to integrate that into Bungee.
  9. Well, I think it would be hard to integrate this to Bungee, but could there be a way to make it possible? For example, add something in the config, like a bash script location, that would be launched when a server is requested and not found? (maybe expand the idea with more scripts, like when no one is left on a server, a server is full, ...) That would allow a great liberty of actions, and allowing something like this to be possible.