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  1. Hey guys, Im going to make your visit to my post short and sweet. I was wondering if there was something along the lines of a free "LeaderHeads" plugin; as I cannot pay the fee for it. It doesn't have to have insane features like the actual plugin, but just some essential ones would be awesome. If you know a plugin close to or like this, please link it below! (version 1.8.8)

    Also I heard the Mojang EULA banned server voting. Is what Im hearing correct or false?
  2. There should be some YouTube tutorials on how to even code some :) Try to use 'pogostick24' as the recommended YouTuber for your scenario
  3. Ok, thanks!

    I couldn't find any :(
  4. Unfortunately yes, vote rewards are banned. I can't find a source since I'm on my phone ATM, but I think there was a thread about it a bit ago.
  5. That's unfortunate.. It doesn't give the player any pay-to-win advantage...
  6. Don't quote me on this as I was reading it in a thread awhile back, butapparently it's something along the lines of players paying "in time" (not money) for the vote rewards. said rewards supposedly give some type of advantage to them over other players and thus don't sit well with the big bad EULA.