League of Legends?

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  1. Now that the new Season has been out for a while, where is everyone standing?
    I myself have not yet started playing ranked i usually wait 2-3months to get started xD
    plus my duo partner might not play this season u.u
  2. i started to play LoL so many times but it never really caught me so
  3. League is a funny game but there are so many tilters
  4. I think i've started playing again, and quit 4 times this week.
  5. League is a game i come back to with so much energy and leave with just as much frustration
  6. I just play aram and normal with friends but there are to many toxic people its sad.
  7. I got addicted to the new spirit blossom event... it’s just too pretty to pass up!
  8. Played league for quite some time recently, I was enjoying it but it really can be toxic as the reputation has it. Had to quit for that reason :L I feel like I couldn't progress anywhere nearly well as the previous season.
  9. I'm entering for fun, not ranking xd
  10. I love league of legends but I hate toxic people
  11. Why lol if there is a dota?))
  12. you're comparing a high level game with a low level game lol
  13. Leagues a great game, but the people are a little toxic.
  14. People are toxic almost in every online game, even kids in Minecraft are toxic. I remember once I joined a server full of 10-13 yo kids, played there for 30 mins, and then left it because they were extremely toxic and uneducated. But maybe you have some point in LOL case too because I noticed there are many lol accounts for sale on different platforms in recent years. The community is becoming less united, and that's really bad.

    P.S. Call me crazy, but LOL is better than Dota.
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  15. "200 years of experience" (yet so many bugs and balancing problems)
    "We do not think our champions have overloaded kits overall"

    I mainly play LoL nowadays for event modes like URF where many things can be overpowered.

    Meanwhile I think the game pace, increase of damage and reduction of cooldowns (I believe every champion has got massive cooldown reductions since season 3, especially on their ults) might be good for video, but I don't like it.

    Meanwhile I think that every season LoL gets less beginner friendly by adding more and more complexity.
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  16. Always get tilted playing LoL so I've never ever made it to comp yet aha