Leak prevention

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  1. Hey,

    I'm here to ask everybody a question about leak prevention.
    I know that Spigot implemented a sort of leak prevention with a special variable ( is it real ? )
    And I wanted to know how to use it, because i didn't figure how :((


    The variable
    Code (Text):
    String USER = "%%__USER__%%";
  2. Put it in your code somewhewre, it only works with premium resources when somone buys and downloads your plugin it will replace that string with their spigot id. It wont work if you try and download it but it works for other people.
  3. Yes I know that but how do you use it ? To detect the leaked resource ?
    Do you check if it's null or something else ?
  4. check out the link that Bear posted, there is everything you need
  5. Thats my code on that post :D
  6. Yay ! you're my Angel :p
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