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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Sallinx, May 21, 2016.

  1. I want to learn java can someone give me some resources to do so :)
  2. Choco


    Google? Books? Friends? School courses? :D
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  3. Try the "Learn Java" app by "Solo Learn"! It's great to get the basics! (Android)
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    You didn't ask for resources to learn Spigot plugin development :p You asked for resources to learn Java (Which I do suggest learning first. Don't just jump right into Spigot)
  5. Yes, of course.
  6. Mistake of wording lol. I'm wanting to start to make spigot plugins XD
  7. your wording was correct, your thought process was not.
    You must learn math before calculus
    You must learn how to walk before running
    and the same deals with this situation
    You must learn Java before learning how to make Spigot plugins
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  8. Ok then :)
  9. Read books such as Big Java. They're incredibly resourceful and used to teach Java classes in colleges. All these Youtube videos teach you is how to copy/paste without any true knowledge about how the resource you're utilizing works. For instance, a HashMap. Many here probably just assume "It work good, i use" but what they don't seem to know is it's constant time and computes hashtable indexes using the keys hashcode. That's incredibly important to know when attempting to create an efficient program/plugin but you'll never learn such things from these low level bukkit plugin tutorials.

    You could also just take a class in some community college. They also offer other classes such as data structures and software development (most of the time..).
  10. Wait, you want to learn Java or Java Runtime Environmen?
  11. I don't think so. He wanted to jumped with spigot development so the one he's looking for was to learn java program.
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