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  1. Hello Spigot Community,
    I learned some basic Java a little while ago, and I would like to continue learning. I know most basic Java, and I would like to continue learning more. Does anyone have any resources that I could use to continue learning?

  2. Hello, there are two kind of resources that you can find, the first one is the free and the second one is paid. You can view educational videos on udemy, code academy (never tried), similar websites and of course books, those are the paid ones. You can view videos on youtube, download PDFs, articles, tutorials such as this one.

    P.S: The best way to learn programming is by programming yourself.
  3. Hm.. how do I apply java code to myself :O
  4. You can actually program yourself, well, your cells, here an article about it, jokes aside, you know what I meant :p
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  5. I use openclassrooms courses, well done and recently updated. But it's in french, I don't know what's your native language.
  6. The way I learned was honestly working with other people and messing with projects on https://github.com. But that took me a ridiculously long time to become proficient in this manner. Only you know how you learn best. There are probably lots of ways to learn Java that are freely available. If you learn more by reading books, playing with Java code, or watching lectures, google away!!! Google is always your best friend and I always google even today when I'm stuck! If you have a problem, it's almost guaranteed someone else had it.

    My GitHub: https://github.com/funkemunky
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  7. I did basically the same thing funke did. I messed around with other peoples code, and kinda got the jist of it. I also watched a handful of tutorials.

    I started writing little (fairly shitty) plugins. I thought I was doing good.

    Then I picked up "Java all-in-one for Dummies" .... ho-lyyyy moly! Did that book ever open my eyes.

    The problem with a lot of these tutorials or learning sites is, they show you "HOW" to do something, but they don't always explain the "WHY"
    Im a very logical thinker/learner. If I don't understand why you did something, it doesn't stick in my brain.

    A good example was static abuse. I never really got when/where/how/why to really use it. But after reading the book, it felt like a giant slap across the face, "Wake up Shane". It all makes perfect sense now.

    I highly recommend when learning something like java, don't rely solely on other peoples work (huge mistake) or YouTube tutorials, try to find yourself a knowledgeable and credible resource to learn from (ie: proper learning websites, books, etc).
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  8. I'm at the same stage of coding as you. I have just been experiencing with random ideas that pop into my head. Along the way, research everything and anything you don't understand (google is friend), and push yourself. Good luck!
  9. I can also recommend Hyperskill. It's from the developers of IntelliJ (JetBrains) and covers everything important.
  10. I like funkemunky's idea, because I learned Java the same way: connected with people on GitHub and Dev.to, joined open source projects and helped CodeGym once or twice. I also used to do my Java homework and run Java programs online in editors and compilers. The best way to continue learning something is practice.
    Besides, Codecademy is now offering a free pro membership to all students for the whole school year.
  11. Hey, I learned Java by reading books and watching tutorials. With time you get better and better and you always learn more. Watch lots of videos and maybe put your nose in a book.
  12. If you're talking Java as a whole, I'd recommend going on youtube and watching tutorials, as well as thing son general programming such as data structure, program flow, etc etc. For plugin development, I highly recommend CodedRed's spigot plugin development series.
  13. ***********.org is as good as it gets for learning java and the spigot API
  14. Paying for learning a high-level language and an API where you can find answers to your question in threads which exist from 2012
    The best way to learn is by doing something you like, in my case by trying to copy other bukkit plugins

    You need to find something where you'll really see your result (so no command-line), can be bukkit plugins or a discord bot
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  15. you could teach yourself, when you write code while teaching yourself, you will run into alot of problems or bad practices, so youll end up using google alot, then after a while youll slowly learn how things should be done.
  16. Yes I do agree with that I still learn things everyday on my own from spigot and just random websites where people had similar questions on what I was working on, but for someone just starting you don't always know what you're looking for or where to start, and Matej's course is super in depth and he is a very very good teacher teaching the latest and best. Learning from random little youtuber kids isn't awful but to learn optimization and just how to do things quickly and well its by far the best way for anybody.
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  17. He doesn't even show his price publicly, I can't trust someone like that
    I had to search for it and its $600, there's no way to justify the cost
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  18. As a beginner, I would suggest you to focus at one technology at the time. Otherwise, you'll probably feel lost since what you learned doesn't apply otherwhere (especially web development which is really different compared to making java/c++ software)

    Well if you feel that you are fine now, you can obviously continue
  19. I would recomend Youtube for free service and these for premium:

  20. av0


    There are many resources available online that can be used to learn Java. One that I find helpful is the Java Tutorials by Oracle.