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  1. Hello,
    I want to start making plugins for the community and i wondered what things i would need to know before going on to make plugins (Yes they obv would be basic at start).

    I have these videos however im half way through, would you say these are fine to start Plugins.
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    Ofcourse you need knowlegde of java, but if you all know the stuff from the iamge you posted, your good to go, i think. You learn more from practicing. So start of by trying out some commands/events/whateveryou want.
  3. In my opinion you should at the very least know basic Java up to and including OOP. Which, as far as I can tell, is not covered in that image.
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  4. If you want to do multiple comments and stuff in Java, you can just use this
  5. Only watching the things mentioned in the image once, doesn't make you know them... You have to practice these in little (useless) programs and not in bukkit plugins.

    So you should -before you develop bukkit plugins - practice the learned things.

    Of course OOP is a huge topic, but ypou should at least be informed about and practiced in it's basics.
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  6. i did Oracle's Big Java Tutorial for java and Bukkit plugin tutorial for learning how to make plugin.
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  7. How long did that take you to Learn?
  8. slowly... a few month.
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  9. Oh wow geez, I want to but people tell me it takes years :/ Do you use an IDE when you Code? For example i want to use Eclipse
  10. yes, I do use Eclipse...unike my dad..
  11. Yeah lol i heard he does it the old fassioned way through a Command Promt, Using Eclipse makes life alot easier :p
  12. I (and most likely a lot of the community) recommend you use IntelliJ IDEA Community - it's got a lot better error / warning handling / suggestions, and once you go IDEA, you can never go back.
    It also has better Git and Maven integration (that's a bit more opinionated), but you should use whatever you feel most comfortable with.
  13. Oh sweet, Thank You, ill check it out :)
  14. I would highly recommend starting out using a text editor (like notepad++) and command prompt. That will get you familiar with how the compiler works and puts you in a much better position to pick up things later on.
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  15. Oh gotcha, Thank you for that. However people use an IDE as it makes life incredibly quicker
  16. People use an IDE when they're already comfortable with the inner workings of the compiler. Using an IDE speeds up the development process immensely, and is almost a must for serious projects. But don't take this shortcut right away. Familiarise yourself with using the command prompt first. It will be of great help later on.
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  17. Oh Right, Thank you. I do see lots of youtubers with tutorials using like Eclipse and Things too, but i guess ill try it by command line.
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  18. Aye. It's not wrong to start directly with an IDE. But you're doing yourself a favour if you step back a little and start with the command line instead.
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