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  1. After some time working with Java, I want to do something with different programming languages. Does any of you have a nice programming language with some challenges I should do after I finished learning the language? It can be anything, currently I only know Java (and some HTML, CSS, JS, C#)
  2. C# is meant to be very nice, maybe have a go at learning is further? Python is another good choice.
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  3. I have done a little bit of Python in the past, however I don't like it because you have to have spacing. C# is nice, but Microsoft Visual Stusio 2015 is complaining about a license every single time.
  4. Just make a free account for visual studios 2015, or if you just want to try C++, not C# as well, there are alternative IDEs (netbeans, code::blocks, eclipse with C++/C dev tools)

    C# is quite similar to java in some ways, it is basically microsoft trying to turn C++ into java and failing in various ways, although it does have plenty of uses.

    Python is good for smaller projects/addons/plugins/scripts, but i would not advise trying to use it to make a large stand-alone program. It is very easy to use and learn.
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  5. Typically you should take a shot at programming languages that offer different toolsets, learning C# would be pretty redundant because you would only really learn things about OOP/FP specific to C#. However, learning C or C++, Javascript, Haskell, oCaml or anything of that sort will teach you new elements to programming not found in Java.
  6. Try PHP, I love it xD
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  7. Python is used by Google for a majority of it's services, it's suited for pretty much everything, you can't go wrong with Python. PHP and JS frameworks like Node.JS and JQuery are also useful.
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  8. Most of the google services are fairly lightweight in their processing, most of the code is for the front-end. I doubt their databases are running python. But it is definitely fine for things like that - if maximum performance and access to really low-level stuff is not essential.
  9. If you want to stay on the JVM, Kotlin is very nice.

    C# is also a really good option if you like Java. It does a lot of the things Java does, but better, in my opinion.
  10. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Ruby. It's a great scripting language, It might not give you a challenge, but it's really fun to program in it (my opinion). JavaScript and Ruby on Rails are both competitive on the market, so if you learn either of those, you can get a really nice job with a high annual salary.
  11. Get the express version not the professional.
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  12. No, dont.. express does not include MFC libraries, which you absolutely need for windows programming, unless you plan on figuring out everything by yourself and reinventing the wheel.

    VS2015 community is completely free and has almost all the features of an enterprise licence, all you need is a microsoft account.

    (although it is still an incredibly buggy, broken and slow program..)
  13. Damn. I meant community edition. Always get them mixed up. My bad.
  14. [​IMG]
    "Malbolge was specifically designed to be almost impossible to use"

    No. Malbolge may be a programming language, but it is not a programming language, it's a joke. This user is looking for a language to learn, love and write.

    That's like suggesting someone looking for a high-paying language go learn Brainfuck, or Malbolge.
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  15. You must be fun at parties.
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  16. You must gain a lot of knowledge at parties.
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  17. Some of my favorites currently are ASP.NET, PHP, and C#.
  18. I cannot tell who is the bigger troll/joker on this thread, the guy suggesting joke-languages, or the guy leaving me a profile message directing me to set all my graphics options to minimal so i can get 500 fps.

    I approve of this thread.
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  19. How about LOLCODE?