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  1. You should probably look up,


    They have several courses on Python, Javascript, and Ruby, I believe. In the python course, they teach you how to create a Pyg latin program which is pretty entertaining.
  2. On codecademy.com, I've done "Make a Website", "Make an Interactive Website", "Learn Sass", "Learn SQL", "Learn Java", "HTML & CSS", "jQuery", "PHP", "Python" and "Ruby". I've also partly done "Deploy a Website" (15%), "Learn Ruby on Rails" (34%), "Learn the Command Line" (65%) and "Javascript" (88%). Don't find all of the courses fun or good.
  3. @Stef HTML is different from Java, I call it bracket coding because here is an example.
    Code (Text):
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <h2 style="color: Blue, font-weight: bold">Hello! Example text</h2>
    And CSS will be something you don't master overnight.. Here's a example of a average css code..
    Code (Text):
    #example {
            color: solid red;
            font-family: Ariel;
            font-weight: bold;
            font-size: 62px;

    #example:hover {
            color: solid green;
    And all Python really is.. Java without brackets.. It's just ':' instead of '{}'.
    Hope this helped!
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  4. I have done some HTML and CSS. Apart from making webpages, you can't do a whole lot. Python is ok, but I don't like how you have to space things.
  5. If you ever get a Raspberry Pi (I got version 3).. The recommended language is Python so ya XD.
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  6. What? That definitely isn't true.
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  7. I just repeated what a friend told me
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  8. This whole post is questionable.
  9. Python is a completely different language than Java. Its differences are much more than just brackets or not.
    HTML and CSS aren't programming languages. HTML is a markup language (what you apparently call 'bracket coding') and CSS is for stylesheets.
  10. I feel like its whatever you want to learn and continue in life, and think will be useful to you, I mean you can always learn different languages as you go on in life with coding.
  11. The problem is that I don't know what I want to do in the future (something with programming, but no idea what), so I'll have no idea what will be useful.
  12. Learn any language you find appealing. Just look at a few syntax samples, and then decide if you want to learn it.
  13. Yeah, I actually tried out and finished the Java course, it feels clunky and weird. I had forgotten why I stopped using that when I first started out until now. You should probably just use a book and learn on that. With each concept you learn, apply that knowledge by creating a program so that it sticks.

    Last of all, don't burn yourself out by learning a lot at once. Little by little each day gets the job done and you'll retain more knowledge that way.
  14. Yeah their Java tutorial is just... not explanatory enough. Most of them aren't bad though, but Java and Ruby on Rails aren't the best.

    EDIT: I found out about http://freecodecamp.com/map which is fun, but they don't explain enough. You definitely need some HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery knowledge to be bale to understand it.
  15. I personally like Python.
  16. Why is that a thing...
  17. 'Cause people have to much spare time.
  18. When you will make with programming some mony learn php or java Skript for Website Developing