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  1. Hey guys., I was wondering if anyone would mind skripting me how to make scripts. I am willing to pay 20 dollars at the end if I understand it very well. DISCORD D9L#2863
  2. just google it lmfao. there are multiple skript tutorial videos on youtube
  3. I would recommend trying to make scripts and use the documentation. It worked for me
  4. There are plenty of tutorials online.
  5. Instead of learning Skript, just learn Java. It’s more useful, lag-free, better and less hated ofcourse.
  6. It is not worth paying to learn Skript. Skript takes little to no skill to use and I learned all the basics in like 2 hours.
    Do what I did: Search tutorials on Youtube or download other people's Scripts and learn from how it's made.
    And yeah, like what @Marido said, you're 10x better off learning JAVA, since Skript has a lot more limitations and can use a lot more RAM etc
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    Agreed i learned all the basics just by helping people who couldn't google, (Okay not all thhe basics but i can easily understand it and write simple things) but its useless compared to real coding,