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  1. Sometimes we love Minecraft upgrades and the new features they add. Let's face it, the end needed more content. Sometimes we aren't exactly overjoyed with new features. I mean did we really need our villagers pushing us around? How's that combat cooldown working out? I'd like to make a thread dedicated to compiling a list of plugins who's purpose is to restore legacy behavior to Minecraft. This thread can be used to suggest, discuss and even request plugins that serve to roll back changes made by updates. At the time of this posting the new update is 1.9. At present I am aware of 2 plugins designed to remove new features.

    LegacyPVP - This plugin removes the attack cool-down added by 1.9. I personally have been using this and it works. It's simple, has no config and no perms.

    StopPushing - Designed to stop players (but not mobs) from pushing each other. Ok I've got high hopes for this one but it isn't working on my server at present. From the feedback it looks like it's failing on more servers than it's working on. I'm hoping this situation improves. We all have pets and we are getting pushed off cliffs.

    I intend to edit this first post as new plugins are discovered and added so that this will be a concise list of legacy plugins.

    And the list continues...?
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