Spigot LegacyFactions 1.4.7

A high-performance version of Factions 1.6.

  1. What if we used FactionsOne ooo
  2. @Swiftlicious I haven't added an option for FactionsOne -> LegacyFactions. But if you think this is something worthwhile I could add it in for you :)
  3. I use FactionsUUID but that was just a suggestion.
    Mind if I ask what's the differences between the two? This and FactionsUUID.
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  4. I explained it a bit here but I had a few requests as FactionsUUID wasn't being maintained or having bugs fixed that people kept reporting - even simple translation fixes.

    I've had some issues myself with broken parts of the API :( but I'm happy to maintain this fork. :)
  5. What if i were to transfer from FactionsUUID. What are the chances of it being better & would the UUID conversion not break?
  6. Could you list the bugs you fixed from FactionsUUID?
  7. I haven't changed the data store structure at all. So if you copy the files from the FactionsUUID folder into the LegacyFactions folder it will work fine. Obviously test beforehand - but it should be fine. You can shoot me through a message if you need some help, i'd be glad to help out!!

    You can take a look though the commit log for specifics - I've been working on this since mid feb (headache material haha!). Fixes on translations, improvements to the API, a lot of performance issues were fixed, problems with persist, and a lot of odd things - I really can't remember so far back.

    But do take a look at some of the new improvements I added too, check out the readme :)
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  8. Hopefully you fixed the ally / truce permissions i think that was a issue lol
  9. Truce seems to not exist with factionsuuid??
  10. I thought truces were a thing? oh well maybe it was just allies
  11. @Swiftlicious whichever it is, if its still a bug i'll fix it ASAP :)
  12. It's not rlly a bug just wasn't a feature at all added except the /f c t chat (truce chat)
  13. It wasn't really a bug just more of a forgotten permission to give to allow players to truce or ally other factions.. if you have this then you're fine.

    But apparently I guess truces weren't even a feature to begin with idk for sure

    If your in need of any suggestions I was maybe thinking you could work some sounds and a advanced factions GUI menu to do faction abilities such as view your claimed lands in and promote or demote players
  14. will all factionsuuid plugins work with this?
  15. Definitely putting that in the pipeline. Thats awesome.

    Sadly not. I'm reaching out to developers to help them add suport, but I'm also building a bridge plugin for it! So that way FactionsUUID plugins will work with LegacyFactions. I'll post here when it's done :)
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  16. Is it possible to support 1.8? :D
  17. As in converting from 1.8? I might add it in. Shouldn't be too hard.

    I won't create a seperate 1.8 build. But if there are features from 1.8 you want we can throw those in :)
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    @MarkehMe This is a copy of FactionsUUID (Which is $15 USD). You just renamed the classes and files (or what you call "optimized") to make it look like you coded it. You're essentially downloading a free version of FactionsUUID.
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