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  1. Hey guys, anybody know of a way to let players choose what their /spawn is?

    There are various warps on the server and I'd like to allow players to choose which warp they go to when they do /spawn

    Does such a plugin exist?
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    Not technically just tell them to do /sethome and /home if you're using essentials.
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  3. Well, that would be cool. you could probably do something like the particles plugins where it pops up an inventory and hey choose
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    Do you want them to have a command to set their own spawn?
  5. you can set a spawn-point for a player by typing /minecraft:spawnpoint <player>
  6. Basically have them open a GUI and choose from 1 of 5 spawn points so when they do /spawn they go to that spawn point they set in the GUI. Ill looking to the minecraft spawn point command and see if I can use that somehow.
  7. I can code the Plugin for you if you want.
    I need more informations about your plugin
  8. Its pretty basic.

    Run /choosespawn

    Opens up a GUI that lets you set your spawn to pre-set coordinates. So theres like 5 different options in there. You choose the coordinates and then when ever you run /spawn you to go the coordinates you choose in the GUI. These aren't custom coords, preset by the server admin.
  9. Home plugins can do this easily, there is no need for a GUI i dont think. Just use one of the most common home plugins and it will probably have multi-home support
  10. Essentials has multi-home support and warp support which should cover everything you need. There's no need for a GUI really.
  11. We have homes and warps setups, thats not the point.

    As part of the lore and theme of the server I want users to be able to choose where /spawn takes them. Warps and Homes are already set up and in place.
  12. It becomes a matter of finding an obscure way to do something that already has a solution differently, or simply dealing with the fact that your lore isn't going to be perfect and use an easy solution.
  13. i could make the plugin but im just going to allow the player to do /setmyspawn and then when they die or do /spawn it will take them there. What do you think about that?