Spigot LetMeBuild: Lightweight survival build tool (1.7 to 1.12) 1.3b

Small plugin allowing claims owners/members to fly inside of their lands.

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    LetMeBuild - Small plugin allowing claims owners/members to fly inside of their lands.

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  2. Hi! Any chance to add support for GriefProtection?
  3. I'll do it, thanks for asking. I quote you when it's done.
  4. What an awesome idea i will try this! Thank you!
  5. Thanks :D
    This is actually made for my server, I'll share some part of plugins I'm coding to Spigot's community so there might be some cool stuff.
    LetMeBuild is just normally the first of a cool open-source plugins list. Hope you appreciate our work !
  6. Do appreciate you sharing! And support for GriefPrevention would be even more epic! Sever Admin can have options for using GriefPrevention or WorldGuard Regions if that's possible. Will be watching, thank you!
  7. If you mean, disable one, there's the "disable" section in config. I'll work on supporting GriefPrevention tomorrow because I'm on my laptop.
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  8. Oh that's great, you are too epic :D
  9. @Achaius @Josepi GriefPrevention is now supported. Download the latest update.
  10. Seems like an update from WorldGuard/WorldEdit, thanks for reporting the error.
  11. It seems like WorldGuard isn't ready for 1.13 right now, that's the reason why.
    I'll edit plugin's title/version sorry, my fault.
  12. Woohoo, thank you!

    Works GREAT! Is it possible to code it to where one does not take fall damage when flying (and falling) out of your land claim? it would be most epic if that is possible :)
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  13. As you wish, I need that too anyway ^-^.
  14. All smiles, will watch for the update:D
  15. LOL, it's an almost. No fall damage even outside the claim not coming from it xD

    Problem solved with version 13b! Thank you so much for your support, Shyrogan :D
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