LF a plugin like ASyncWorldEdit

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  1. Basically looking for a plugin that has the same function as SyncWE - To make world editing not so laggy and etc

    It's gotta be free though.
  2. why not just use aysncworldedit?
  4. AsyncWorldEdit is free?
    Use FastAsyncWorldEdit then.
  5. Yes, AsyncWorldEdit is the way to go I installed it on my server and it almost is compatible with all you're world edit commands, and makes them super fast and a non laggy plugin, I suggest it!
  6. FAWE, for the win.
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  7. From my understandings, async can be downloaded here

    Fast Async can be downloaded here

    I personally had issues with fast async in the past, I'd personal recommend normal asyncworldedit but your choice :)
  8. ASync is NOT free

    Version: 3.4.11I don't get it. The "download link" on the spigot page just sends you to the source files, and those source files don't contain the .jar needed to run the plugin? Am I missing something?
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      Yes you are missing something. You should read the plugin description. Its clearly stated that the free version is distributed only as source code (same functionality as the premium one) for anyone to compile. If you want the jar (and support) you need the premium version."
  9. That version is the premium version. Link to that is here

    This is the GitHub to the FREE version. Once you're there just scroll DOWN and you will find the .jars

    Sorry for the link I listed above, that was the open source code.