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  1. lf a backup plugin that works. I used once called 'simple backup' but it failed to acknowledge non-vanilla worlds like the one's we were building a giant city in (and multiverse decided one day to not work, and we accidentally overwritten the whole folder)
  2. I think what you're trying to say is that you accidentally deleted your world, and you're looking for something that will restore it.

    The best I can suggest is to see if it is in your recycle bin, otherwise, I don't think you've got much hope unless you had a backup somewhere.
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    No, I already acknowledge the files have probably been overwritten and theres no use trying to get the weeks worth of work back. I'm just looking for a plugin that can actually backup server files.
  4. Thats what I was using. It doesn't work.

    [16:09:10] [Server thread/INFO]: [SimpleBackup] Enabling SimpleBackup v1.8
    [16:09:10] [Server thread/WARN]: [SimpleBackup] Not all listed worlds are recognized.
    [16:09:10] [Server thread/INFO]: [SimpleBackup] Worlds [CraftWorld{name=world}, CraftWorld{name=world_nether}, CraftWorld{name=world_the_end}] scheduled for backup.
    [16:09:10] [Server thread/INFO]: [SimpleBackup] Folders [.\mstore, .\plugins] scheduled for backup.
    [16:09:10] [Server thread/INFO]: [SimpleBackup] Backup scheduled starting in 4.0 hours, repeat interval: 4.0 hours
    [16:09:10] [Server thread/INFO]: [SimpleBackup] Enabled.
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    The recycle bin only holds files you delete from Windows Explorer. Files that get overwritten by a program do not go to there.

    I just tested that plugin. Yes, it bitches, but it works fine. I got the exact same message at startup, but it still backed up all the relevant worlds. I then deleted the world, extracted the backup, moved the backed up world back to the server root and started the server and the world was back as it was at the time of backup.
  6. Yeah I know, it was just a strand of hope in case he didn't actually overwrite it :)
  7. It was indeed overwritten. However, I used CoreProtect to 'restore' some things - some things didn't restore properly