lf plugin. Rankups, classes, timed-ranks, etc.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by RainOfPain125, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. I'm trying to look for a plugin whereby I can create classes that people choose at the begging, and such classes grant perms, commands, special buffs, passive abilities, etc. I'd also love it if such classes can also be upgraded by paying a certain amount of in-game currency

    I'd also like to know of a plugin that records the time you've played on the server and promotes you to a rank for x amount of hours played.
  2. You are looking for CMI its for sure best plugin on spigot..can do all that with many more abilites
  3. Free*
  4. If you plan to run professional server you shouldn't be afraid of investing money and time in it
    Plugin is really great every server should use it

    if you cannot afford i will purchase it for you
  5. Wow. I would accept this offer and say a big thanks. ;);)
  6. I try to run professional servers that don't pay youtubers to manipulate children and/or offer unfair 500$ ranks. Sadly my franchise doesn't make a ton of money because of this. I'd be very happy if you did purchase it, but I doubt someone would go out of there way to do such a thing because "yadda yadda world runs on money get a job" what not.
  7. any updates? still looking.
  8. I would definitely use CMI and if you cant then idk what to do because that is the best one ik of however it is premuim. Good luck on your search.