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  1. Anyone rewrite heroes yet to work on spigot lol..
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  3. So I tried what u told me to do and it didn't work, but i replaced heroes with the original and kept the skills that i swapped and it worked...i have to get on to make sure it works 100% but startup wise it actually worked..

    (i'm amazed since i spent like 3 days once trying to get it to work..)

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    So I joined my test server and it failed..
  4. Also here is the error it threw me the first time when I had used interglot on heroes.jar and tried to run it..

    ----few minutes later..---

    So I redid the interglot on heroes for 1 last test and this time i changed files..i placed it into the folder and no errors on start up, logged into the server no errors and did a command no errors..

    I'll start editing the config and stuff to suit my needs but i can say as of right now, you can get heroes to work on spigot..

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  5. I know this post is a few days old, but when i tried to do this with the 1.5.1 version of heroes i keep getting this error:
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    Can you try the latest off
    I hope heroes hasn't put in more measures to break Spigot support.
  7. No difference
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    <insert mad face here>
    I'll take a look.

    EDIT: Yup they broke it, likely on purpose.
  9. Oh... So i guess that's it for heroes on my server :/. Thanks for the help
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    I'm working on patching it now.
  11. Oh ok then ill check back in a few hours, Thanks a lot
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    Sorry, looks like you will have to live without heroes. They are bent on making people use their shitty Spigot repoff.
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  13. From my experience Heroes has always been more on their own with their plugins, feels like they just put them out there for others to use if they want but don't really care if you do or not. (I don't know if that's true, just how I perceive it). Which is their full right of course, I would have done the same.

    If they're moving on from bukkit and focusing more and their own thing you may want to reconsider using it on your server, unless you have plugin devs to support you. Ancient RPG looks to be filling the gap, but it is still in beta. Look for their dev builds.
  14. Well then, thanks for all your help and the quick responses
  15. Ill check it out thank you.
  16. That's about right. Check back in 1.5 - Heroes may be working then for Slow-bukkit :p
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    I always wanted to add one of those RPG plugins to my server, but every time I go to download it and I see 1mb+ it scares the heck out of me. :oops:
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    Just use Libigot. Unless you have a compatibility issue with it it'll work just fine with most plugins. Only one I experienced a problem with was the latest version of PEX.
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    Just don't use Libigot.
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    The previous version of PEX works just fine with Libigot and so does every other plugin I've used. Personally I switched to bPerms simply because I like the features better. There is nothing wrong with Libigot in my opinion. It makes Heroes works and is compatible with a plugin as long as that plugin doesn't completely disable on an a version of bukkit it can't determine.