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Global chat channels

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    Lib's Chat - Global chat channels

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    No mysql or bungee required, too easy.

    Will give this a try. :)
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    Got this on my list of things to play around with for when I'm home!
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    What if it was possible to type this into chat: @Hey staff! and have it broadcast that message into the default staff channel? Instead of having to join a channel, talk, and then leave, you could quickly broadcast a message? (Kind of like AtAdmin). In addition, right now the message portion of the config looks like this:
    Code (Text):
        Format: '<%Name%> %Message%'
    What about adding a variable to display the server they're on from Bungee?
    Code (Text):
        Format: '[%Server%] <%Name%> %Message%'
    Just a few suggestions! Love the plugin.
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    Released 1.2

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  9. Looking sweet, is there possibility of adding a mute command? Someone is likely to go crazy through Global and it wont be easy to mute them if we don't know where they are (no server prefix)

    Edit: this is what happens when I sent "test" to my alt across servers:


    Recipient receives the message, but sender says user doesn't exist.
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    Did the recipient receive it in under 2.5 seconds?
  11. You could grab the server-name or server-id from the server.properties file if you wanted to add a server prefix thing. Only issue is, is that people would have to make sure they actually type something in those fields.
  12. uh.. yes?
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  16. Then I can't use this

    Thanks anyway, looks neat!
  17. Hey! Can i use this as a staff chat? Or will it effect every player?
  18. joshwenke

    Wiki Team

    That's easy! Just give them the hearing, listening, joining, and speaking permission and create a channel, then only your staff will be able to use it!