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  1. Hey there.
    How do i use the Libs Disguise API to disguise as a player with name?

    Or have any ide how to disguise as a player WITHOUT api?
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  2. According to this link, you need to create a disguise, then "apply" that disguise to an entity, like this:

    Code (Text):
    Player player = playertodisguise;

    PlayerDisguise playerDisguise = new PlayerDisguise("SomePlayer");

    DisguiseAPI.disguiseToAll(playertodisguise, playerDisguise);
    I haven't tried this, but it should disguise one player to another.
  3. When i add the code into my plugin (nick command) the entire plugin gets deactivated...
  4. Make sure you have added this into your plugin.yml, depend: [LibsDisguises]
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  5. My minecraft crashes when i try to disguise.
  6. What are you disguising as? What version are you using?