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  1. Is there a way to make the players undisguise when they PVP?
  2. Elgorond


    It's in the config.
  3. This new update is really broken. we have it on my server and when i try to disguise my self as my friend it won't work. We will look the same as my normal self.
    (He's not opped)

  4. well, if after typing the /d player playernamehere command, it says its successfull, then it most likely worked, your just not able to see it yourself unless you do /vsd, etc..
    if you are seeing error msgs at all, you should state what they are... i really doubt that "the new update is really broken"...
  5. It doesn't appear that disguised people can get potion effects?
  6. Just found a dupe glitch, basically what you do is, become disguised, you wear armor, hover over the armor slots, push Q (Drop key) and it creates a new set of armor.
  7. Im getting "you are forbidden to use this command" no matter the permission I use :S
  8. @NavidK0 Is there an 'invisible' disguise?
  9. no, if the person or entity who is disguised is invisible, then the disguise will be invisible. typed this from my phone, sorry for typos. should be back in one week
  10. What ProtocolLib Version Should I Use When Running The 8.6.2 version?
  11. I've been having a bit of trouble with LibsDisguises and I'm unsure as to whether it's a ProtocolLib problem, server problem or a problem on your part.

    It doesn't seem to load onto the server, gives no errors in console and PlugMan does not recognize it when I attempt to load it up. Please help...
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  12. Make sure you use this ProtocolLib http://ci.dmulloy2.net/job/ProtocolLib/182/

    I've never used PlugMan before, so I don't know if it works with LibsDisguises or not.
  13. Is it possible to turn off there disguises when they warp to another place?
  14. I was having the same issue as Blade, disguises won't load on my server for some reason, even with the Protocollib you gave us.
    Any other ideas?
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  15. Perhaps PlugMan loads ProtocolLib after LibsDisguises for some reason? I doubt it, but it could be a possibility. Again, I've never used PlugMan before, so I can't tell you whether LibsDisguises works with it or not.
  16. I should also ask, what's your spigot version and LibsDisguises version?
  17. I have plugman off now, and the issue persists.
    Spigot version is: spigot-BT40_1.8.7_07.22
    I am running the latest LibsDisguises build from the Jenkins.
  18. I love this plugin :3
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  19. When using the morphs, I am stuck inside the entity's body, I have been using the API and was trying to fix this, but had little to no success. A fix for setting the eye level and position at the entitiy's would be great.
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