Spigot Lib's Hungergames [Paid] 5.7.22

The continuation of Lib's Hungergames

  1. Awesome thank you.
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  2. Is it possible to make this plugin not server dedicated? Like a join command or something... Because now this plugin takes a whole server.
  3. I think the way the plugin is now makes it unique from others. No offense, but those sound like survival game features you want, yucky :p The plugin, last time I checked, always took a whole server.
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    - Icon inventory credits for watch credits

    - Added Top Winner/Died and Kills

    - drop head when tribute died

    - More variables for scoreboards
    ~ Credits
    ~ Kills
    ~ Dieds
    ~ Time to play
    This is fantastic plugin pls added this new in the next update plugin.
    Sorry for my bad english, im italian
  5. You pretty much want everything BukkitGames has. Keep in mind this is a different plugin. Sure updates are good, but all these fancy things are not necessary. Libs is simple to use, clean, and special as it is.
  6. libraryaddict


    Idk what the first is.
    The second would probably be added when I finish stats
    The third. Heads. Wat? no
    Scoreboards. Hmm. Could work. I would have to make it a opt in however.
  7. Ok but you can add one thing when one dies, like a sign, the head or maybe if possible a true and his own tombstone! To understand where the player is dead.
  8. PhanaticD


    yea a lot of my players are asking about stats as well
  9. Will buy :)

    Hmm why the addon has to cost too? McPVP Style :c
  10. Why do keyboards have to cost too? Just because it's an add on doesn't make it free.
  11. libraryaddict


    I have no control over what other people make a paid plugin.
    You would have to ask the guy who made that to make it free.

    And tbh. Between me and you. I think he would rather abandon the plugin.

    Also next update will include the stats and topstats.
    Along with several fixes as well as a new kit config option 'Unbreakable'
    Currently topstats seems to be done. But stats still needs work on it.

    Namely, I need to ensure that the mysql usage is as low as I can get it.
    May need to look for someone to write the query :\
  12. questions, is it possible to disable map deletion and restarts? are you automatically putted into the game when you join the server?
  13. Any server IP's that using this plugin? Would like to see about how the plugin works :)
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  14. libraryaddict


    It takes over the server. So it has to delete the map and restart to do a new game.
    Yes. Everyone in the server is part of the game.

    Try play.redwarfare.com - Hungergames uses the plugin
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  15. How do i create kit shop?
    Do you have any config tutorial?
  16. libraryaddict


    The plugin handles this?