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A hungergames to destroy all other hungergames

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  1. Is there a specific way it chose the map? if I change the root to a specific map will it pic that one? I am planning on implementing a voting system :)
  2. libraryaddict


    No way to pick the next map.
    You would have to modify the plugins source.
  3. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Just made the first of many HG servers, working out well. :)

    Personally I don't mind the random spawn spots.
    Since you are thinking of doing it, instead of doing a spawn per platform, just have them spawn in a cylinder.

    In the config something like:
    Distance from spawn to start: 10
    This will put the starting point around the spawn in a 10 block cylinder radius

    I have no idea if this is at all possible, just figured it might be easier then setting a spawn point for each map.
  4. Hi, thanks for the help :) i'll let you know if i have any other problems
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  5. Is there anyway i can make it so that when players win the games they get money? (i'm using Fe economy plugin from bukkit)
  6. libraryaddict


    Should be supported in the config already. Try take a look
  7. Found it :D but i have one more problem, i don't get any coins if i win is there something i need to do with Fe?
  8. libraryaddict


    Use vault and there may need to be options turned on or something
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  9. here is for the french translation I made, it does not work, need help :)

    Translation : http://pastebin.com/zbFFwdnj

    And just more question : Once part of the hunger games finished, how do you raise it to what is all alone, no need to reboot every time ... ?
  10. Anyone using NoCheatPlus with LibsHungerganes?
    I found it quite tricky to finetunes ncp, getting a lot of false warning du to to abilities in HG.
    My HG server is invaded by nodus cheaters, my ban hammer is turning red hot....
  11. at line 238 remove one quote sign after the d of d'un it causes wrong yaml formatting
    it should be:
    messagePlayerShowKitsUseKitInfo: '&bPour voir les infos d un kit tape /kitinfo <NomDuKit>'
    messagePlayerShowKitsUseKitInfo: '&bPour voir les infos d' un kit tape /kitinfo <NomDuKit>'
    it works fine for me
    use http://yamllint.com/ to check your yml file

    to restart your server use a script, here is one i use for Mac or Unix derivative (for windows google around):

    cd "$(dirname "$0")"
    while true
    java -Xms512M -Xms3G -jar spigot.jar
    echo "If you want to completely stop the server process now, press Ctrl+C before
    the time is up!"
    echo "Rebooting in:"
    for i in 5 4 3 2 1
    echo "$i..."
    sleep 1
    echo "Rebooting now!"
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  12. libraryaddict


    You need to setup a script to restart it
  13. Lib are you going to fix this :/ ?:

    Something wrong is with Translation file generating, could you Lib take a look at it? Could you just simply make config in plugin's jar translation.yml would be best option like other plugin's developers like: Essentials, etc..

    Code (Text):
    broadcastFeastBegun: ?cThe feast has begun!
    broadcastFeastStartingCompassMessage: \nUse /feast to fix your compass on it!
    broadcastFeastStartingIn: ?cThe feast will begin at (%s, %s, %s) in %s
    broadcastGameStartedMessage: ?cThe game has started!
    broadcastGameStartingIn: ?cThe game will start in %s
    broadcastInvincibilityWornOff: ?cInvincibility has worn off!
    broadcastInvincibiltyWearsOffIn: ?cInvincibility wears off in %s!
    broadcastNotEnoughPlayers: ?cYou need more people!
    broadcastWinnerWon: ?c%s won!
    commandBuildChangedOwnBuild: ?eChanged own build mode to %s
    commandBuildNoPermission: ?cYou do not have permission to use this command.
    commandBuildPlayerDoesntExist: ?cPlayer doesn't exist
    commandBuildRecieverBuildChanged: ?e%s has set your build mode to %s
    commandBuildSenderBuildChanged: ?eYou have set %s build mode to %s
  14. Where i put this script ?? :/
  15. libraryaddict


    Sure thats a fresh config? And no strange craftbukkit downloads?
  16. libraryaddict


    Into something like 'start.sh' then run the command "./start.sh"
    That script is for Linux based systems.
  17. you do not have a tutorial, because I know there is absolutely nothing ?? :/
  18. Yes, but one strange thing sometimes translation.yml generates without error sometimes with those strange symbols "?"
  19. This script is the start command file, look here

    don't forget to set the right permissions (Operative System not the minecraft perm) to your file and make sure its executable.

    look also in the wiki section for tip and tricks
  20. Ok, what if you directly point the directory in map.yml to a specific map? would that work?
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