LibsDisguises Bug?

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  1. This looks expected:
    Craftbukkit git-spigot-2f787bd-ea28011
    Protocollib 3.6.3-SNAPSHOT-b118
    Libs Disguises 8.3.3

    Do you know what version of ProtocolLib and Libs I should use to make this work with the latest version of Minecraft? Thanks.
  2. @NavidK0 I don't mean to bump so early, but I am relying on this plugin from now on because of its amazing API. I was also getting issues with DisguiseCraft, so I switched to this. Unfortunately, this is the only thing that's preventing me from moving forward and taking my server out of maintenance mode. If anyone else is having this issue, please let me know. I hope I'm not the only one. I have updated to the latest builds of everything, including Spigot, so I don't see what the issue could be.

    (Btw, this issue occurs with all disguises.)
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  3. I fixed it myself by putting the source from Github in Eclipse and commenting out lines 737-741.

    However, I noticed that you can't put armor on when you are disguised. Is there a fix for that?

  4. I don't know what the issue here is? If you mean that you can see the entity disguise, there's a config option to turn it off.
    Set this option -
    ViewSelfDisguises: false

    If you mean that the skin doesn't change, sometimes if the plugin requests too many skins at one time, Mojang will prevent anymore requests until the cooldown time is over.

    If you mean some other issue, you'll have to be more specific.
  5. Can anyone explain how to fix that? Please