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  1. Hello Libs!
    I want to know if is proposital to teleport both the Endermage player and the victim to the same block that the Endermege player places the portal. It was intented to teleport ONLY the victim?
    I wold like to know how to teleport ONLY the victim to the endermage portal.
    Can you help me?
  2. Well, Endermage is so based on the endermage MCPVP anyway because the plugin is intended to remind the servers of MCPVP Hardcore Games, and I think the way the endermage is, is perfect, in my opinion, the as it is already perfect.
  3. libraryaddict


    As AugustoVLS said. MCPVP made it like that to balance it.
    And I see no reason to change it
  4. Thanks AugustoVLS and libraryaddict!
    Im loving your plugin. As i said it was just a question.
    Im building a server for my brother. If needed, can i work on your source code on GitHub?
    This is of course not for comercial propouses.
    Can i do?
  5. AugustoVLS, brasil aqui também mano! ushaushaushs
  6. libraryaddict


    Its why its on github
  7. É nóizes, eu n sou dono do plugin não aushashasu mas de boa, Brasil representa...