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  1. So, for private spigot development (like in Offering- Developers) are we allowed add licenses to our plugins, for instance like if we offer a refund policy that if a user wants a refund i can disable the plugin.
  2. Yeah, it’s only disallowed for resources.
  3. That’s between you and your client. No clue why you want to add a DRM, that just turns away anyone who isn’t desperate, just so you know.
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    No one is going to be willing to pay you for software that you put DRM into, also like 75-80% of people will expect you to provide the source so it would take them or a developer they know probably 5-10 minutes to remove any DRM.
  5. I know however this is for something else I am working on.
  6. I think you got your answer.
  7. Make sure you tell your customer ahead of time that you're doing that.
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  8. According this, license systems aren't allowed in spigot

    But if you want to sell your plugins in another place, i recommend you this system
  9. thats for resources...